Nigerians react as Man Donates his Entire 9-Months Savings for Obi Campaign

Peter Obi
Peter Obi- Labour Party Presidential Candidate

Man Donates his Entire Savings for Obi campaign sparks Uproar

An online uproar has resulted from a Nigerian man giving his whole nine-month savings to help Peter Obi, the flagbearer for the Labour Party (LP), become president in 2023.

Ejes Gist Newspaper discovered that the man said in the message uploaded on Twitter that he is giving the money away to protect his unborn future generation.

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He further exhorted the former governor of Anambra State to avoid disappointing him and other young Nigerians who have faith in him.

He wrote on Twitter: “I am using my nine months’ worth of savings to protect my unborn generation. Please, Peter Obi, do not let myself and others down when you win the presidency in the 2023 election.

Man Donates 9-moths savings for Obi campaign

Bank Transaction 

Online, this sparked a range of reactions. Some Nigerians criticised the man’s action, saying it was a poor choice of priorities.

“Donating to a political party account does not ensure anything,” commented @callmechigo. It is not a financial commitment to your future. This party does not require individual funding to execute their campaign because they have more than enough. I do not have a problem with it because it is voluntary, but think about how much better your life could be if you used that money to support your family members instead of political parties. erroneous priority

“You people are working so hard to damage Obi’s reputation,” said @onyii ye. The man did not ask for donations, oh my goodness. Simply obtain a PVC and cast informed ballots in 2023. That is not that difficult to achieve, nah

“Suffer Don tyre everybody,” commented @iamdx2.

“You mean you did not have any family or friends who could talk you out of this,” @k ketim wrote.

When someone here desperately needs this money, @gcad007 wrote. Misplaced priorities and Nigerians Sha

@jacksonamaka wrote:  chei God, It is difficult to raise 500k at this moment.

“He just played the lottery/bet to win contracts, ministerial positions, etc.,” commented @ritas voice. I hope his wager does not lose.

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