Nigerian Youths! Get Yourselves Working Before It Is Too Late

Atiku Tells Nigerian Youths


Politicians will use and dump you

The Early the better, before it is too late. From investigation and facts finding, I have discovered that our youths are wasting their time, talents and resources in defending the crook Politicians who don’t even recognized or know them. Worst of all, the majority of them are Graduates and Jobless. All they do is jumping from one meeting to another uninvited just to secure their daily bread from N500 or N1000 been shared at the end of the meetings. Even when their phones are bad, they find it very difficult to fix it. This is a result of poverty. The most stupid part of it all is that “these Politicians don’t even care about their welfare.” Using Delta State as a case study during my investigation, I discovered that 80% of the Social Media Activists defending APC and PDP are not been paid or recognized in any way by those they are defending and creating enemies for themselves. I also discovered that 68% of them are defending APC and PDP with their resources hoping to get an appointment in the long run.

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In a separate investigation, the findings show that 80% of the APC Media Activists are not been paid or recognized by their principal. Out of the 20% been recognized, 15% of them are been paid monthly stipends while 5% are not been paid, but they are given data/subscription money on an irregular basis.

In PDP, 70% of the social media Activists are been paid, 60% of them are been paid monthly basis while 10% of them sustained themselves via stipends, which is not regular. Out of the 30% that are not been paid, 24% of them are been recognized while 6% of them are not recognized.

Provision of Gadgets.

The finding shows that 90% of PDP media team or Social media Activists are been empowered with Gadgets (Phones), while 70 % out of 90 % are also empowered with Data. In APC, 90% of APC media team or Social Media Activists are not been empowered with Gadgets. They make provision for themselves. Their principal doesn’t even care how they get phones or data to defend them. But they are doing it hoping to get an appointment in the long run of which some of them, their dream watered away.

According to the findings, the majority of APC youths are been used without any rewards for their efforts. If it pleases you to know as a youth, you have to get yourself working now before it is too late. Time waits for nobody. You are just wasting your precious time, resources, brain and talents on those politicians who don’t care whether you die or live. You create enemies for yourself every day, you risk your life defending them, perhaps they don’t care about you. Are you not foolish? You are defending your party while the leaders are enriching their families and themselves. What have you gained? You need to get yourself working now or never. Don’t depend, your life and future on politics. Get yourself working now before it is too late.

Omajemite Don is a Journalist, Web Designer, Mathematics tutor, Computer Instructor,  Publisher of  Ejes Gist Media Co-publisher: and


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