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Police arrest 12 members of gang that kidnap kids for sale lindaikejisblog

12 members of a kid trafficking gang have actually been jailed by operatives of the Inspector General of Police Special Intelligence Response Team (IRT).

6 kids were saved from the suspects following their arrest in differents states consisting of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

One of the suspects and a mom of 2, Ebony took numerous kids from their houses in Abia, Enugu and Edo states with her enthusiast Emmanuel Onyekwere and in turn offered them to their purchasers some of whom were recognized as Blessing Nwankwo, Chioma Nike and one Onwa for N250, 000 and 450,000.

The couple were busted after taking 2 kids from Tunga Maji and Gwagwa locations of Abuja respectively who they offered to Nike for N300,000 each.

One of the daddies of the missing kids, Olobo submitted a problem with the police, after which the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, directed his operatives at the IRT headed by Deputy Commissioner of Police Abba Kyari, to pursue the suspects.

Recounting how the event happened, Olobo stated Ebony and her partner Emmanuel leased an apartment or condo in the substance he resides in with his household. He stated Ebony who got near to his other half after remaining in the substance for one week, pretended to be assisting her bring their 1-year-old child on the day of the event. It was collected that the woman who declared she wished to plait her hair after a shortwhile, vanished with the little woman and her enthusiast afterwards.

The Nation reported that when she was jailed with Emmanuel in Asaba, Delta State capital, she blamed signing up with the kid trafficking gang on not getting correct education.

Ebony stated;

“I didn’t participate in secondary school since my dad wed 2 other halves and he couldn’t send me to school since he has numerous kids he couldn’t make sure of.

“I was wed off to an old male at an extremely young age  however the old male passed away 2 years  into our marital relationship. We had 2 kids together.  With time, things ended up being hard for me and my kids after the death of my partner. I took my kids to my mom in the town and  took a trip to Abuja and entered into prostitution.

“I invested 7 years as a woman of the street in Abuja. One of my good friends then recommended me to transfer to Oba town in Anambra State, tricking me  that I would make more cash doing prostitution in that town.

“I took the recommendations and transferred however one year into my stay, a woman called Ogula  from Benue State told me that a nurse told her to look for somebody to get her pregnant and whenever she closed,  that the kid would be drawn from her and she would  be paid.

“I told her I can’t do such a despicable thing since I too have 2 kids and I was not prepared to get pregnant once again. She then asked me to follow her to her town and when we arrived, the woman then took a woman kid and provided her  to me. While I was entrusting to the kid, I was jailed by some security men  and I was required to jail where I invested 6 months.  This event remained in 2017. While in jail, I satisfied one Ada, who had actually ended up serving her term and she provided me her number while she was leaving.  I called her when I was released and she provided me a task at her store in Umuahia Abia State, where  she offers beverages.   One of her consumers, called Onwa, approached me and stated he had contacts of people who might purchase kids in between the ages of one and 3.

“I then notified one Chibuzor, who is a sibling to Ada, who took a kid and we provided it to Onwa.He took the kid away and declined to pay us our cash. At that time, I  had actually currently gotten a sweetheart called Emanuel Onyekwere. Onwa then called me  3 months later on .

“He pleaded for forgiveness and stated he would pay me N500,000 for any kid in between the ages of one and 2. My sweetheart,  Onyewkere, then went to his town and took his sibling’s 2-year-old  kid and we called Onwa, however this time, we followed him down to Enugu State, where the kid was offered to an old female driving a Toyota Camry and she  paid us the amount of  N250,000. Onwa cautioned us versus  taking kids on the roadway since whenever we were   captured, we would be scorched.  He recommended  that we should relocation  frequently  to  new locations,  lease an apartment or condo and when we see a kid, we should take the kid  and leave the location. So, we went to Akuke location of  Enugu and we leased an apartment or condo; we was successful in taking 2 kids in between the ages of  2 and 4  from a person called Oyenka,  who maltreated me while I worked as a woman of the street in Abuja.

“Onyeka was an extremely rough man when I understood  him in Abuja and  it was the police who chased him out of Abuja. Unfortunately, I encountered him in Enugu.  He enjoyed and  presented me to his other half and we ended up being good friends.

“I visit them frequently in their house and I ended up being knowledgeable about their kids, Ada and Chinonso. I studied their surface for 3 months and when I found that the coast was clear, I made away with the kids  and offered them to Onwa for N450,000 each.

“Then, Emmanuel and I transferred to Abuja and we leased an apartment or condo at Tungamaji location of the city. We took a lady’s kid who was our neighbour. The female left her kid in my care while she went to the marketplace and I and Emmanuel rapidly loaded our things and left with the kid. We then offered the kid to one Chioma, who we satisfied through Onwa, for the amount of N300,000.   We then leased another home at  Gwagwa location of Abuja. We  remained for 2 weeks and I took a one year-old baby and offered the baby to Chioma for N300,000. We then left Abuja and went to Ipoba Hill location of Edo State and leased an apartment or condo. There, we took a kid coming from an ill female, who might not pay correct attention to her kid.

“The kid utilized to come to our own substance to play. So, I took the kid, took her to Chioma, who paid us the amount of N300,000.  “We spent much of this  money on food, clothes and other frivolities. Before we were arrested, my boyfriend and I had decided to quit but  there was this woman known as Blessing who contacted us and requested for five children between the ages of one and two years.I gave her a bill of N2million and she paid instantly. Since we had decided to quit, Emmanuel and I used the money to rent a two-bedroom flat, furnished it and we removed our sim cards. So, Blessing couldn’t reach us anymore.  My children are between  17 and 16. If they are stolen I will not be happy.”

On his own part, Emmanuel stated he signed up with the kid trafficking gang to raise cash to put up a structure for his mom.

He stated;

“ I am a tailor. I am not yet wed and I didn’t go to school.  It was Ifeoma, who I satisfied where she was working as a woman of the street,  who drew me into this organisation of stealing and selling kids. Things weren’t excellent for me and my household has no house in the town however she ensured me that business would bring me cash to construct a house for my mom.  Then, I went to my town and took my sibling’s boy, Victor, and we offered him to an old female who confronted us at Holy Ghost  Church in Enugu State.  I pretended I was hoping when we got to the church; I didn’t desire anybody to notice what we were doing since the kid looked a lot like me.  I was paid N250, 000.

“People understood I was the last individual seen with  the kid  and they have actually been calling me to bring their kid.  They have actually even threatened to kill me if I don’t restore the kid.  Onwa  then took me to a native physician, who prepared phony beauties for me that would make my people and he took the N250,000 I was paid for the kid.  I then hired one of my good friends called Aboy when we relocated to Enugu State and he took 3 kids from his town and 2 from Enugu and we offered them for N900,000.  I took an overall number of 8 kids and I am sobbing since I can’t go to my town and all the cash I made I can not to anything with it.  If not for this Ifeoma that got me into this organisation, I wouldn’t  have actually remained in this mess.”

Also admitting to the criminal activity, Chioma Nike remembered losing her marital relationship of 22 years since she had no kid. She divulged that she got fertilized by a Ghanaian male, after which she brought to life a young boy. However after her boy started asking for a sis, she approached the kid well-being workplace in Umuhaia so she might embrace a woman kid.

Chioma stated it was at the center that she satisfied one Mummy Ohabiam, who told her that she would connect her to a distribute that might assist her get kids from a various source and all they required to do was to ideal adoption documents from the well-being workplace.

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She stated;

“She told me the expense and I couldn’t manage it,  then I called one Mummy Idian Emeka, who had actually approached me earlier for  2 kids. She stated: “After I got the link, I got 2 kids from Ifeoma and  I offered them to Mummy Idian for N800, 000 and I got N200,000 as my share.  Ifeoma likewise offered 4 other kids to me, which I offered to numerous people.  I have actually returned 3 and I am yet to get the last one.  I offered 2 of the 4 kids to one to Mummy Onyiyechi, and they have actually been returned.  I offered another  to Mummy Blessing and other one was offered to one  Monica.  Please, have grace on me.  I will refrain from doing it once again. All my coworkers in this organisation have all flee. Please have grace on me.”

Sharing her own story, Blessing stated;

“I have worked in several hospitals and I have a maternity home. I have been trying to get approval and registration for my maternity home for a long time but I couldn’t get it.” “I entered into trading of infants through the  other half  of our catcheist, who had no kid for a long period of time and she had actually been conserving cash for a kid. I called Chioma, who brought a woman and the kid that was one year old  and we paid her the amount of N550,000; however I took N800,000 from the catcheist’s other half and I made N300,000 as my revenue.

“Later on, Chioma brought Ifeoma to me and told me she (Ifeoma) owned a house in Enugu State and if I understood anybody who required a kid for adoption, I should contact her. I then called some of my relations and good friends who were looking for kids and they paid me the amount of  N2million for 5 kids, with the pledge that I will bring my family members to Enugu to ideal adoption documents for the kids after the payment had actually been done, however they vanished when they got the cash.  Their phone lines were turned off and I didn’t even understand that Ifeoma had relate to the very first kid that was offered to me. It was when I was jailed that I understood that the kids were taken.”

52-year-old Idian Kalu from Abiriba in Abia State, stated;

“ I have 4 kid kids  and I  live in Aba town. I have a pal who is barren and she was looking for a kid and I assured to assist embrace a kid for her  at the well-being. Then, I connected her to Chioma, and she began pertaining to my house. She told me there was an old female who had a house where we can embrace kids.

“I indicated interest and she brought a child for me and I gave the child  to my sister who needed him and the sum of N550,000 was paid for the child, though I took N650,000 and I made N100,000 profit. That was in 2016.  But in 2017, Chioma called again and said two children, both girls, were available for adoption. I contacted people who had told me that they  needed them and I took the girls and paid Chioma the sum of N550,000 each.”


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