How I Bribed Nigerian Police Abba Kyari In $1.1 Million Fraud – Hushpuppi

Abba Kyari opens up on alleged bribe to arrest Hushpuppi's ally , Fg Approves Kyari Extradition

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Nigerians have urged the EFCC to “Arrest Nigerian Police Abba Kyari Now” over the Hushpuppi Bribery Allegation on social media.

Ramon Olorunwa Abbas, alias Hushpuppi, Nigeria’s infamous suspected fraudster, who recently pleaded guilty in the United States, has narrated how he bribed Nigeria’s celebrated Deputy Commissioner of Police, Abba Kyari.

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A criminal complaint was filed against Hushpuppi in February, according to the US Department of Justice, and court documents ordered unsealed revealed that Abbas, a 37-year-old Nigerian national, pleaded guilty on April 20.

Abbas’ plea agreement, which was filed late Tuesday, details his role in the school-finance scheme, as well as several other cyber and business email compromise schemes that resulted in losses totalling more than $24 million.

According to court documents, Abbas admitted to paying bribes to Nigeria’s police chief, Ibrahim Kyari, to have one of his rivals arrested and imprisoned in Nigeria following a dispute over a $1.1 million dupe of a Qatari businessman. The latter called the allegation “untrue” and “an attempt to smear his reputation.”

ALSO READ: A US court has ordered the FBI to arrest Abba Kyari for assisting Hushpuppi in committing a multi-million dollar fraud.

In response, some social media users took to their accounts on Thursday to share their thoughts on the allegation.

Vanguard has compiled a list of some of the reactions. News Online retweeted: @De Royal: “It is past time for us to put the EFCC to the test in Nigeria. Will be expecting the EFCC to act and arrest Abba Kyari for cybercrime-related issues and offences.”

“He rushed to Oba uninvited looking for well-to-do Igbo sons and daughters to go after with the EFCC,” @Caallistus Franklin said.

“No wonder I saw him at Oba,” says @Adeyinka Yusuf Salisu.

“For those screaming huspupiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

“This is just a false claim to tarnish his image and it will never work, enjoy your imprisonment,” says @Anas S Adam.

@Aninweke “You will now understand why he described Cubana as a hardworking man… the reason the cartel,” Christopher Ekene says.


Also: FBI Releases 69 Page Document Of How Nigerian Police Abba Kyari Helped Hushpuppi To Scam (Download for free )

@Phemmy Adesanmi: “Reason with me, how much is this man’s salary, how much he dey collect make him build multi-million dollar houses and cars?” àgbà yahoo yahoo àgbà yahoo yahoo àgbà yahoo yahoo àgbà yahoo yahoo àg

Nigerian Police Abba Kyari Now resigned

“There is nothing new here,” says @Horla Mercy. Almost all Nigerian police officers have been involved in fraud aiding and abetting. Hushpuppi is still in prison because his financial crimes were committed outside of Nigeria.”

@Kaleb Hiram: “Abba Kyari is not above the law, and he should be fired if he can prove his allegations.”

“Naija James Bond in the poteux poteux,” says @ paklokito. Laughing while rolling around on the floor “I’m rolling around on the floor… laughing.”

“Watch Abba Kyari get promoted after his Hushpuppi bribe stuff,” says @novieverest. In Nigeria, you’ll have a hard time getting justice. Many Nigerians in prison are there without trying; they are there because one evil human is more powerful than they are. “Sha, we live by grace.”

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