Nigerian lawyer shares how she was rejected by a guy after she shot her shot


A Nigerian lawyer has taken to her Twitter page to propagate the gospel of ‘rejection’ as she references her own experience she had with a guy who she shot her shot at.

Moe @Mochievous on Twitter, shared on her page that until women begin to normalize ‘rejection’, then they’ll continue to remain reluctant to go after what they really want.

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Moe shared her own story of how she’d been going out with a particular guy for a while and in her head, she felt the both of them had a connection and so one day, when they were together, she asked the guy to kiss her and his response made her realize they were not on the page on their relationship.

Read Moe’s tweets,

I’m going on a break but it just occurred to me to do this. Ladies, please share your stories of rejection from a guy you shot your shoot at. Until we as women begin to normalise rejection, we will forever be reluctant to go after what we really want. I’ll start.

So there was this guy I liked, we went out a few times and in my head we had a connection. Anyway one day, after what I thought was a great evening, I go “can I kiss you?” And he goes “oh shit. I’m so sorry if I gave the wrong impression, I just really like talking to you.”

At that point I wasn’t sure what to do. So I just told him goodnight and left.



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