Nigerian Idol Top 2 2021: Akunna Exits , others emerge top

Nigerian Idol Top 2 2021  

Nigerian Idol Top 2 2021  

Akunna, a singer has been evicted from the Nigerian Idol season 6 show.

A Corporate and Entertainment Lawyer, Akunna comes from a family where everyone has an amazing voice. She spends most of her time singing in the bathroom and also showcases her vocal talent on her social media platforms. Akunna believes the world deserves to hear her sing and says it’s about time she commercialises her amazing gift.

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Comfort, a 18-year-old singer has been evicted from the Nigerian Idol season 6 show.



Nigerian Idol Top 4 2021: Nigerians lament as Faith exits, Comfort, others emerge top

Nigerian Idol Top 5 2021  

Her exit has left 2 contestants: , Emmanuel and Kingdom to fight for the prize.


However, it came as a surprise to some fans as they took to Twitter lamenting about the voting system and pity party votes for Comfort.

How Nigerian Reacts when Faith was evicted

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According to some, Faith deserved to be among the four not Comfort.


Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, BBNaija host, expressing shock about Faith’s exit on his Twitter page wrote: “Wow! Can’t believe Faith didn’t make top 4.”


Here are the tweets 

@Mc Bankz “Comfort staying and faith going home is an indication that Nigerians will still vote another buhari come 2023.”


@Charisma_iam “So Faith, as in a whole faith had to go and Comfort is still there. It’s the audacity for me.”


@Oluwatracie “Daniel, Emmanuel and now Faith. All 3 were good vocalists/performers yet didn’t make it to the top 4.


Nigerian Idol: How underrated Alalade Comfort made 

Nigerians and grass to grace stories.”


@Fuoma “A whole FAITH JASON! Come on you all. And the sponsors of the show, come on! This show is wack!

Nigerian Idol Top 2 2021: Akunna Exists

@Nwabekeyi “The fact that faith left the show before Comfort is a pointer to why meritocracy can never see the light in Nigeria. Nigerians are Picassos in the act of Nepotism and favoritism. Little wonder country is not working.”


@Uk_ Bernard “Faith Jason going home is never a fair justice from the voting system. Sentiments and bias should no way be the deciding factor to determine an idol at this stage otherwise it’s no Idol at all. No disrespect to Comfort but I think she still got a lot to learn.”

Nigerian Idol Top 2 2021: Akunna Exists

@Spearssaint “This voting system should be reviewed, the yardstick used 4 qualification shouldn’t be solely on votes alone,gatekeepers should be enforced & talent shouldnt be lost at the expense of “majority carrying the vote” system! Goodbye Faith!”

Nigerian Idol Top 4 2021  

@Chizzyvivy “The people that are voting for Comfort are the same who voted Laycon and Buhari. Corruption in the high places.”


@OluchiDike4 “This type of talent show is not supposed to be solely about voting. Panels of Judges need to step in sometimes for vetting after a phase.”


Meanwhile, the top four finalists on Sunday night left the audience and the judges in awe-inspiring performances as they performed two songs each

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