Nigerian Governor Orders Individuals to Buy Guns for Self-Defense

The Zamfara State Government has directed residents of the state to obtain guns in order to defend themselves against bandits who appear to be ravaging the state.

The instruction was stated in a statement released on Saturday by Mr. Ibrahim Dosara, the commissioner for information.

The government claims that the action was necessary due to the state’s security situation in some areas deteriorating.

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The statement partially read, “Government has henceforth directed individuals to prepare and acquire firearms to defend themselves against the bandits, as government has directed the state commissioner of police to issue license to all those who qualify and are wishing to acquire such firearms to defend themselves.”

The commissioner added that the government has already made plans to send 500 application forms to each of the state’s 19 emirates for people wishing to obtain firearms.

Dosara urged anyone who could legally possess firearms and were eager to do so to get in touch with the state’s police commissioner and apply for firearm licenses after meeting the requirements.

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In addition to procuring weapons, the state administration has mandated the hiring of 200 more Community Protection Guards in each of the state’s 19 emirates.

Additionally, all markets in the Mada, Wonaka, and Ruwan Bore Districts of the Gusau Local Government as well as the Yansoto Emirate in the Tsafe Local Government Area are to be closed, and motorbike operations are to be prohibited, according to Governor Mohammed Matawalle.

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Read The Full Statement Below:



Following increase in the activities of bandits in various parts of the state and the government commitment to ensure adequate security and protection of lives and property of the citizenry in the state, particularly during this rainy season, government has resolved to take further measures to deal with the recent escalating attacks, kidnapping and the criminal levies being enforced on our innocent communities.

This act of terrorism has been a source of worry and concern to the people and government of the state. Therefore, in order to deal decisively with the situation in our respective communities, government has no option than to take the following measures:

A. Government has henceforth, directed individuals to prepare and obtain guns to defend themselves against the bandits, as government has directed the state commissioner of police to issue license to all those who qualify and are wishing to obtain such guns to defend themselves. Government is ready to facilitate people, especially our farmers to secure basic weapons for defending themselves. Government has already concluded arrangement to distribute 500 forms to each of the 19 Emirates in the state for those willing to obtain guns to defend themselves.


B. People must apply from the Commissioner of Police, license to own guns and such other basic weapons to be used in defending themselves.

C. A secretariat or centre will be established for the collection of intelligence on the activities of informants.

D. people are strictly warned and advised to make sure that any information or intelligence about an informant must be true and nothing but the truth, as all information on such informants must carry correct data on the suspects, including their pictures, correct names, address, occupation and witness to testify the genuity of the information given, as government is taking punitive measures against any one found as informant. Any person who give wrong information against anybody, will be served the same punishment with an informant and will be treated as such.

E. Government has requested the state House of Assembly to pass, as matter of urgency, the informants bill before it, to enable government take the drastic measures on informants as contained in the bill.

F. Government has ordered for the recruitment of 200 additional Community Protection Guards in each of the 19 emirates of the state, making it 500 per emirate, to increase their manpower and strengthen its force and capacity to deal with the bandits.
To further ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of these measures, as well the proper implementation of these measures, government has also decided as follows:

1. Formation of a special committee to receive intelligence on the activities of informants.
This committee has the following composition:

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1. Alhaji Kabiru Balarabe Sardau( Lamidon Kaura)
SSG as Chairman

2. Alh Ibrahim Sulaiman
Chief of Staff to the Governor – Member

3. D I G Mamman Ibrahim Tsafe
Commissioner Security – Member

4. Ibrahim Magaji Dosara
Commissioner Information – Member

5. Hon Nasiru Masama
Commissioner Youth – Member

6. Sani Abdullahi Wamban Shinkafi
Honorary Adviser to the Gov – Member

7. Hon Abubakar Mohammed Dauran
Specie Adviser Security – Member


8. Hon Sanusi Wanzammai
Commissioner, State INEC – Member

9. Captain Mai Riga T/ Mafara – Memner

10. Sani Gwamna Mayanchi – Memner

11. Bello Bakyasuwa Soja to serve as the secretary to the committee and their terms of reference will be given to them by the office of the SSG on Monday.

2. Formation of additional paramilitary unit to support control and command to properly and effectively reinforce the operations of our community protection guards CPG.

This newly established unit has the following structures and appointments:

1. Retired Commissioner of Police Mamman Anka as Commandant – General

2. Capt Aminu Mada rtd – Deputy Commandant General Operations

3. Sulaiman Lawali Zurmi – Commandant Operations

4. Bashir Nafiu Gusau – Commandant Mobilization.

5. Alh Aliyu Na’ibi Karakkai – Commandant Surveillance and Intelligence.

Other members of the control and command centre of the Community Protection Guards are.

6. Shi’itu Makera T/Mafara


7. Bello Dankurmi

8. Dogo Na Bukkuyum

3. Re – constitutimg the state committee on prosecution of banditry related offences.
Government has also reconstituted the state committee on prosecution of bandits related offences as follows:

1. Dr Sani Abdullahi Wanban Shinkafi as Chairman

2. Ibrahim Sulaiman
Chief of Staff to the Governor – Member

3. Rtd Justice Nasiru Umar Gummi – Member

4. CP Mamman Anka rtd – Member

5. Engr Mamuda Aliyu Maradun – Member

6. Rep of the Nigerian Army – Member

7. Rep of the Nigeria Police – Member

8. Rep of the DSS – Membet

9. Rep of the Civil Defence Corps – Member

10. Rep of Hunters – Member, while


11. Barr Aminu Junaidu Kaura

Hon Attorney General and Commissioner for justice – Secretary to the committee.

Furthermore, in view of the deteriorating security situation in Mada, Wonaka, and Ruwan Bore Districts of Gusau local government, as well as Yansoto emirate in Tsafe local government, His Excellency, Governor Mohammed Matawalle MON, Barden Hausa and Shatiman Sokoto, has approved the immediate closure of and Kara in these districts and Yandoto emirate indefinitely. In addition this, government has equally banned riding of motorbikes and selling of petroleum products in Mada, Wonaka and Ruwan Bore districts, as well as Yandoto emirate.

Henceforth, all filling stations on the affected areas are hereby closed with immediate effect. Anybody found riding motorbike within the areas is considered as bandits and security agencies are thereby directed to shoot such persons at sight. Security agencies are by this announcement directed to ensure strict compliance. Anybody found violating this order should be dealt with according to the rule of law. Government would not condone any act where innocent people are being killed.

Government is also using this medium to thank all those who honoured and respect the peace dialogue in what ever form. In the same vein, those who refused to honour and respect the peace dialogue are here by warned to allow peace within our respective communities. Government is hereby directing the military, police, civil defence and other security agencies to mobilise their operatives and take fight to the enclaves of the criminals with immediate effect.


Ibrahim Magaji Dosara
Hon Commissioner for Information
Zamfara State

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