Nigerian flag and the Ambience of celebration

Nigerian flag and the Ambience of celebration
The Nigerian flag and the Ambience of celebration as we mark 62 independence day celebration.
It’s that time of year again, when your space ought to be decked out in an atmosphere befitting a celebration of independence, with hints of green and white thrown in here and there.
Ambience of celebration and Nigerian flag Ejes Gist NewsOnline Nigeria understands that  Nigeria was proclaimed an independent country on October 1, 1960, by the British colonial government. Nigeria is now 62 years old. The freedom to live in accordance with Nigerian culture, beliefs, lifestyle, and other factors is celebrated on this day. 

You might want to decorate your space to fit the occasion in remembrance of this important historical day.

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Nigerian flag and Nigerians celebrating 

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Since this decoration doesn’t call for you to create a comprehensive colour scheme for your room, there is absolutely no need to spend excessive amounts of money on it. Simply look in your storage area and retrieve the green and white throw pillows, the Nigerian flag, the artificial flowers, the area rug, the pieces of art, etc. from the prior year and hang them. But prior to use, clean them.

Ambience of celebration and Nigerian flag

The Nigerian flag 

If, however, you feel that all of that would be excessive or that you lack any of them, then pay close attention to your dining area because food will inevitably be consumed. Put a set of green tablecloths on your dining table, arrange your white dishes in the middle of each tablecloth, set your glassware along the top edge, arrange your cutlery along the sides, and place a white or green artificial flower in the middle of the table. Then, simply get creative. Serve the food and spend the day with your family.

green and white throw pillows

Ambience of celebration

Ambience of celebration and Nigerian flag

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