Nigerian big man caught shoplifting clothes from a boutique in Abuja

Man nabbed after hiding cloth he stole from an Abuja boutique in his underwear

Nigerian big man caught shoplifting clothes from a boutique in Abuja

Man caught in a boutique , as oxford dictionary add nigerian words

A well dressed Nigerian man was just recently caught red handed after he took some clothes from a boutique and concealed them beneath his outfit.

While numerous people would choose to strive to make a living and live the great life, there are those who choose the simple escape and those kind of people aren’t constantly fortunate with enduring their options.

Case in point being a Nigerian man who was caught in an Abujaboutique According to the essence, he was caught by means of CCTV concealing some clothes in his underclothing.

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This sought the salesgirl at the boutique situated in Gwarimpa, went to inform her employer of the cost they anticipated an attire he declared he wished to purchase the store.

Photos additional expose he was caught and ashamed outside theboutique

See images listed below:.

Nigerian big man caught shoplifting clothes from a boutique in Abuja A Facebook user, Gwen Divy Ifeson shared images of the man and composed: “He went into a boutique, priced their cloths, asked the sales girl to go call her boss for them to agree on the final price. As the girl stepped out, he secretly grabbed some cloths, put inside his under wears and made to rush out.”

In other news, when it concerns making a marital relationship work, the focus on remaining faithful to one’s partner is frequently stressed out. For most people, having intimate relationships with anybody besides one’s partner is frequently what they consider as infidelity.

However, Reno Omokri thinks it is frequently much deeper than that. According to him, anybody who values the viewpoint of their pastors, good friends and in- laws above that of your partner, is likewise thought about to be devoting infidelity.

He composed: “Adultery is not just when you have adulterous sexual intercourse. As a wed individual, when you honour, regard and follow your pastor, in law or pal above your partner, you adulterate your marital relationship and weaken spousal unity.

Meanwhile  The Oxford Dictionary recognises Nigerian English as it adds words “Tokunbo,” “Danfo” & “Buka” It was especially after the disqualification of “Lionheart” from the Oscars foreign feature category that the distinctiveness of Nigerian English made it into the mainstream .

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