Nigeria Youths, Activate Your Brain

Hon. Billy Egbe
Hon. Billy Egbe

Charged to activate and use their brain wisely.

The article thus read:

some of us who are effectively associated with grassroots and social media Politics/Activism, we should try to effectively utilize our Social Media platforms ( pages, , , and so forth) to advance the cause of only those Politicians who see our worth and value our potentials . Try not to be a tool in the hands of any Mediocre this year. 

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For a few of us, our social media platforms attract more traffic than some news websites and even Television stations and it is essential than we keep up some level of self respect as opposed to wasting and intellectual property on mediocres who do not even have the capacity to win their Units.

In the event that you are a “Contract writer”, bravo. But for some of us who work out of passion for our dear State and party, it is imperative that we attach ourselves with people who comprehend the significance of interpersonal relationships. We should likewise understand that great Leadership isn’t about how much money a offers you. Even the worst of Leaders can give you more money than the best of Leaders. 

If the reason you are advocating for any Politician or Political party depends on money related  rewards, then know that you are progressively kidnapping your own political destiny by yourself in light of the fact that the day that reward does not come, you can only but GRUMBLE. Let your explanation for standing for any Politician be founded on the fact that you are so significant to him. It shouldn’t be about the stipends you get once in a while but about the VALUE he or she adds to your life and the prospects of a great future under him. 

There are Politicians who do not have the cash to offer you as Service Charge for promoting them yet they do things, seemingly insignificant details that are more significant than any measure of cash.

It is significantly more  reasonable to stick with and promote those Politicians who don’t have the cash, however, consider it important to dial your number frequently just to keep an eye on you. It is better to contribute your time and intellectual properties on the advancement of Politicians who consider you to be a part of their future and not the individuals who consider you to be an inconsequential “20k for he account, he hand for Ipad” Youth. 

A decent Politician should INVEST in your LIFE and not simply in your month to month data subscription. Contribute your time and energy on that Politician who sees the need to return your “Missed Call” the minute he sees it rather than kill yourself or create enmity between yourself and others because of a Politician who sees correspondence with you as inconsequential.

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A decent Leader isn’t estimated by how much cash he gives but by how much of his time he gives to you despite his busy schedule. Great Politicians are uncommon and wherever you discover them, STICK WITH THEM. Wherever you don’t see a decent Politician who sees the need to invest in your potentials, USE THE EXIT. Thank you!

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