USA Igwesi says, Nigeria yet to return to democracy


Chief Uchenna Sunday A. Igwesi, commonly referred to as USA Igwesi, is a political leader who in between 1999 and 2003 represented Nkanu West State Constituency in Enugu State House of Assembly on the platform of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and likewise functioned as the MajorityLeader Igwesi was later on chosen to represent Nkanu East and West Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, where he was Chairman, House Committee on Banking andCurrency He speaks on the future of Nigeria’s democracy, function of opposition, declared drift towards one party state in 2023, agitation for power shift to the South-East in 2023, to name a few problems.

President Muhammad Buhari

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W hat can you state about the future of Nigeria’s democracy when you think about all that is taking place in the polity?

There will be light at the end of the tunnel. But in the meantime what we have is not actually democracy; it is simply a return to civil guideline. There are indices that contribute to democratic structures in a society or a nation, as soon as the indices are missing then the real active ingredients of democracy will be lost.

The aspects are guideline of law, equality prior to the law, supremacy of the law, returning the democratic trust to the people who are the significant stakeholders and enormous civil involvement in democratic governance, like taking part in creating the policies that impact them. I truly think that with ongoing pressure on the federal government and the opposition political parties and the public doing their part, there will absolutely be light at the end of the tunnel.

How do you rate or evaluate the function of opposition in today dispensation?

Opposition in federal government depends upon the capability of the federal government in power to accept the views of the opposition politicalparties If the federal government in power is an intolerant type, then the work of the opposition will absolutely be useless.

The function of the opposition in today’s Nigerian federal government is extremely efficient and remarkable however you should bear in mind that you can not oppose for the sake of opposition.

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The masses anticipate that opposition political parties should serve as a continuous look at the ruling party and put the party in power on their toes, develop recommendations that will can sending out favorable signals that the opposition has to do with using up the commitment of the civilian people. Such consistent monitoring on the party in power will constantly put them on the ideal track.

Many Nigerians have actually revealed worry that Nigeria is wandering towards one party system in2023 What’s your response?

I do not believe so and I entirely disagree to such postulation. The All Progressives Congress (APC) has actually refrained from doing enough to envelope Nigeria into one party system. Before a nation wanders into one party state, the party in power need to be above board in accomplishments. It is absolutely challenging for a nation to drift to one party system. There should be success stories around the corner.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) guvs throughout the nation are succeeding and are planning and re-strategising on how to take over from APC and with the remarkable advancements being highlighted in PDP-controlled states, then it will be hard for the party in power to continue undisputed.

So with today situation the problem of one party state in 2023 will not be possible, unless the nation is muzzled or pushed into such undemocratic plan; however with votes counting and INEC releasing its responsibilities objectively such situation will never ever play out in2023

Do you support the concept that pension payment for previous guvs throughout Nigeria should be stopped?

‘A labourer is worth his pay’ is a popular stating however a labourer getting double spend for the exact same task is deceptive. For a guv who has actually gotten his pension based upon the law enacted by the numerous state assemblies to relocation ahead to get another pension in the exact same nation based upon the truth that he was chosen into National Assembly or in other places should not be motivated. That is over withdrawal of public fund. I personally do not subscribe to the concept of double payment of pension to previous guvs. They should be entitled to a pension at a time despite their brand-new political workplaces. I for that reason prompt the National Assembly to enact a law to that impact or change the constitution to show this to prevent consistent deficiency of our nationwide economy.

The pension payment to previous guvs should not be stopped however a circumstance in which a previous guv will get pension payment as a previous guv and still proceeds to get another payment as a Senator if chosen should rather be stopped due to the fact that the Governor is entitled to pension at the end of his profession or service as aGovernor

There has actually been agitation for power to relocation to the South-East zone of Nigeria in2023 What is your view?

The agitation is excellent and in order. It is just reasonable and simply to permit South-East zone to produce the next President of Nigeria in2023 Equity and justice need that a President of South-East extraction should be motivated in 2023 to lighten the years in some quarters that the Igbo Nation simply accompanied other ethnic groups to the Nigerian task.

The whole nation requirements to reveal magnanimity and improve their self-confidence on the easterners that they belong to this nation,Nigeria The Igbos remain in a position to salvage Nigeria from the inefficient management function the past and present federal governments have actually offered the nation. The South-East area is endowed with human and natural deposits to lead this nation to success, unify and return the nation to appropriate management functions that will ensure guideline of law and robust economy. Nigeria’s President of Igbo origin in 2023 will likewise ameliorate the restiveness in the area and the unlimited require restructuring and secession of the area– that will undoubtedly function as restitution to the extended period of marginalization and oppression.

May we understand how you rank the present House of Representatives usually?

The 9th House of Representatives under the Femi Gbajabiamila is an operate in development. They have actually revealed character and preparedness to develop quality legislative interventions to salvage this nation from bad governance. But the problem is whether the House of Reps will have the political will to perform all they have actually set out on their own. With the ruling party, APC managing the House, it will be very hard for the House to check and stabilize their relationship with theExecutive I think that the force of the opposition in the House can splash passion to rubber marking all that the Executive has actually done. I, for that reason, motivate the opposition political parties to constantly research study correctly and storm the plenary with realities and stats that can not be faulted.



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