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NJFP Application Form Portal 2021 – Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme – Apply for the ongoing Recruitment

The Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme (NJFP recruitment) is a youth empowerment partnership initiative between the Nigerian Federal and the . The application form for the NJFP is now available at

The program’s main goal is to assist 20,000 graduates in their job search following COVID-19. To register for the NJFP, visit the official website.

About Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme (NJFP)

NJFP Application Form Portal 2021 - Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme -

NJFP is a fully funded 12-month programme that aims to improve graduates’ employability, develop leadership, entrepreneurial, and on-the-job skills, and expose them to real-world business situations.

Graduates will be better able to comprehend the needs, challenges, and realities that businesses face, as well as how to best address them.

application form for the New Jersey Fellowship Program (NJFP)

Long-term, the Fellows want to feel like they’re helping to shape Nigeria’s future by growing the private and public sectors.

The Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Program is a fully paid post–NYSC work placement programme for Nigerians that will provide mentorship and support for the young Nigerians who will be on the programme. Mentors who are already engaged in various industries and have gained relevant experience and built capacity over the years will be able to provide mentorship and support for the young Nigerians who will be on the programme.

Because this programme provides new opportunities to 20,000 recent graduates each year, we anticipate that the beneficiaries will take full advantage of the opportunities presented to them and make the most of their 12 months on the programme.


  1. Must be a Nigerian citizen.
  2. Be a fresh graduate (Bachelor‘s Degree) from any discipline and graduated not earlier than 2017.
  3. Be at most 30 years old.
  4. Not currently engaged in any employment.
  5. Have completed the mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) OR have a certificate of exemption from the NYSC. njfp form
  6. Demonstrate interest/commitment in chosen career field.
  7. Demonstrate interest/commitment to contributing to Nigeria’s socio-economic development.
  8. Have excellent time management and a professional attitude.
  9. Have good verbal and written communication skills.

To be an eligible host organization, you must

  1. Provision up-to-date regulatory documentation including –
    • CAC Certificate of Registration
  2. Provision of official letter of interest detailing a clear understanding of the objectives of the NJFP and commitment to supporting the program by accepting fellow placements.
  3. Provision of clear descriptions of available role requirements.
  4. Agreement to provide mentorship support to fellows through dedicated sessions with existing experienced professional within their organizations. 
  5. Agreement to abide by the guidelines of the program and to sign a code of conduct.
  6. Have non-discrimination policies on gender, ethnicity, religion and disability status, as well as policies against sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse (PSHEA).
  7. Have no criminal records or conviction or any affiliation with proscribed organizations ie, terrorists, drug traffickers, illicit trade, child labour.

Note: Please keep in mind that NJFP registration is completely free. or a fee Do you have to pay to participate in the ongoing Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Program?

Frequently Asked Questions

WHO CAN APPLY for Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme ?

Recent Nigerian Graduate who graduated from the university or other tertiary institution of the corresponding level not earlier than 2017. Must be no more than 30 years old. Must_have completed the mandatory NYSC.

How long is the fellowship Programme?

12 months.

Is the work placement a fulltime employment at Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme ?

No. The work placement is a 12-month work opportunity that provides the jubilee fellow an opportunity to acquire ‘on-the-job’ skills and gain work experience with the aim of improving employability and competitiveness for the job market.

What next after the 12-month work placement at Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Program ?

3 clear pathways are available for the Jubilee Fellow at the end of their active engagement in the fellowship.

High performing Jubilee Fellows may go on to be retained by their respective host organisations.
Fellows with interest in entrepreneurship would have garnered sufficient skills and knowledge on the job which will be invaluable as they pursue other opportunities
With newly acquired on-the-job skills & competencies, experience. exposure and a formidable alumni network which can be leveraged, fellows are better positioned and equipped to compete and access future jobs and employment opportunities.

Where will I work after Successful Applicants at Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme ?

Private sector organisations, research institutions, public sector and development agencies.
Do I get to choose which organization I want to be deployed to?

No, you get matched.
Do I get a chance to select a preferred location for my work placement?

Yes, but it is not guaranteed.

Nigeria Jubilee Fellowship Programme- Is this a paid opportunity?

Yes. Fellows will receive a monthly stipend.

I have NYSC certificate of exemption. Can I apply for Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme ?

Yes, you can.

What is the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme?

The Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme is a 12–month, on the job youth empowerment partnership initiative between the Federal of Nigeria and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Against a backdrop of rising global unemployment and underemployment, the Fellowship seeks to bridge the gap between young graduates and organisations human resource demands on the job market by connecting talented Nigerian youth with local work opportunities.

How is the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme different from other youth empowerment initiatives?

We realize how difficult it is to get a job in Nigeria as a graduate with no experience. The Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme (NJFP) grants highly-skilled Nigerians with little or no work experience access to work at the most sought-after private sector organizations on the market, opening them to a world of opportunities. Other programs and initiatives tend to require some sort of advanced requirement from applicants or lower the entry bar in terms of the kind of opportunities that are available. NJFP does the opposite by inviting qualified applicants across a level playing field without compromising the pedigree of organizations that will play host to successful Fellows. Oh, and the programme will serve all of Nigeria – from North to South and East to West – ensuring that organisations and youth from all corners of the country can participate.

What are the benefits for an organization to join the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme NJFP?

  • Cost savings – No HR agencies, advertising costs, lengthy triple-round interview process, or salary costs. The NJFP got you covered.
  • Increased productivity – Access to a wide–range of highly qualified candidates with cutting-edge skills relevant to your organisation that will help to increase your organisation’s productivity.
  • Improved brand image – Boosting your corporate social responsibility work and by showing commitment to give back to the community engagement in the programme will contribute to a positive brand image for your organization.
  • Expanded network – You will be a part of the NJFP network of national and regional private and public sector entities as well gain access to an expanded pool of experienced, employable young Nigerian expertise to draw from.
  • Increased policy influence – Access to a national platform for deliberative public policy reform discussions on education, employment and relevant industry policy issues.

Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme – NJFP registration Portal 

NJFP registration is done on the official NJFP portal. Before applying for the NJFP programme, you must first register with your personal information and bio-data. To apply, follow the steps outlined below.

How to Apply for Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme

On the 6th of September 2021, the Form will be available. On the official njfp portal, an application form will be available. All eligible applicants must create an account, log in, and complete the application on the internet. Click Here

NJFP Application – Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme  Closing Date: The deadline for NJFP application 2021 is 20th October 2021.

Stay Updated on : For all updates on the NJFP Recruitment 2021, bookmark this page and and always come back.

Click Here to See Registration Portal

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