Electricity national grid collapses : Latest Updates Now

Nigerian Power Grid Collapse: What is national grid collapse?

Energy crisis: again

The electricity national grid has collapsed again leaving the country without public power supply.

Despite assurances from the Federal Government that it has taken steps to address the problem, the latest collapse, the third in less than a month, occurred despite assurances from the Federal Government that it has taken steps to address the problem.

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Electricity National Grid Collapses plan 

The grid’s manager, the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), announced last month that it had developed alternative grid management methods.


TCN’s “in-house engineers have deployed a stop-gap solution to improve grid monitoring and acquisition of data from remote stations (power stations and transmission substations) to the National Control Centre,” according to the company. This was accomplished through the use of an Internet of Things (IoT) solution as well as a Virtual Private Network (VPN) provided by a variety of Internet Service Providers (ISP).

Electricity National Grid Collapses

This temporary deployment of the Network Automation System was made to assist TCN in transmitting critical operational measurements data from remote stations to NCC via Web Technology, which is a key component of the Internet of Things. So far, the data collected from remote stations has allowed NCC to gain a better understanding of the state of the grid’s power flow and to make decisions that have improved the grid’s security and integrity.

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TCN was unable to access and receive comprehensive operational data for the entire power grid in order to manage the rapidly expanding system, necessitating the stop-gap solution. Because parts of the existing SCADA system are moribund and damaged, as well as an ineffective telecommunication network infrastructure, the existing SCADA system cannot provide adequate grid visibility. The fact that several stations were never fully integrated into the existing SCADA, making grid visibility and management extremely difficult and inefficient.”

Nigeria Electricity Grid Collapse: What is ? All you need to know about

The national electricity grid experienced a system failure on February 14, 2022, which resulted in widespread power outages.

Nigeria has 23 power plants connected to the national grid, with a total capacity of 11,165.4 megawatts (MW).Electricity National Grid Collapses

Nigerian Power Grid Collapse: What is national grid collapse?

Generating companies (), independent power providers, and the Niger Delta Holding Company are in charge of these plants.

Before the power sector reforms, the primary independent power plants were Shell’s Afam VI (642 MW), Agip’s Okpai plant (480 MW), and AES’s AES (270 MW).

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The third sector is the Nigerian National Integrated Power Project (NIPP), which began in 2004 with the goal of accelerating the development of new power plants in Nigeria.

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The majority of the new plants proposed are gas-fired. In 2014, NIPP plants were proposed to have a capacity of 5,455 MW.

Company Type Capacity
Gas 1,020MW
Hydro 1,330MW
Gas 942MW
Gas 1,020
gas 987.2MW
gas 5,455
IPP’s gas 1,392
Hydro 600MW
Nigeria Electricity Grid Collapse ,electricity national grid collapses: List of National Grid, their Capacity



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