Niger State- Collapsed school building kills five children


Collapsed school building kills five children

A primary school building collapsed on Saturday at UK Bello Memorial Primary School, Paiko, in the Paiko Local Government Area of Niger State, killing five students.

According to an unnamed source, the children who perished in the were scavengers who went to retrieve things from a garbage dump outside the school’s gate.

According to EjesGist Newspaper, the building that killed the children had been on the verge of collapsing for years, and inhabitants had fought efforts by the Niger State administration to dismantle it.

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“There is a refuse dump near the school toilet where children usually pick up discarded materials to sell,” our source explained, adding that it was during one of these visits that the toilet collapsed on them.

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“The school is now open if you go there. Because the doors and windows of the classrooms were stolen, the fence crumbled, and people vandalised the school’s infrastructure, none of the classrooms have a door or a window.

“There is a refuse dump very close to the toilet block, which is outside the school building.” Typically, children visit the waste dump to dig for items to sell. The block that was on the verge of crumbling toppled on the children while these children were digging the rubbish this morning.”

Two of the youngsters died on the scene, while the other three perished in the hospital after being transported there for treatment.

When contacted, the state Police Public Relations Officer indicated he had received the information and that the Niger State Emergency Management Agency was responsible for speaking on the matter.

Idris Kolo, the Public Relations Officer of the Niger State Universal Basic Education Board, did not pick up his phone calls at the time of submitting this report.

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