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Thursday, December 9, 2021
Home News in Nigeria Now Niger Delta Pay-back-militants, issue grievous warning to all Political Office Holders towards 2019

Niger Delta Pay-back-militants, issue grievous warning to all Political Office Holders towards 2019

Niger Delta Pay-back-militants, issue grievous warning to all Political Office Holders towards 2019

Niger Delta Pay-Back-Militants has issue grievous a warning to all political office holders in Nigeria in a press release made available to Ejesgist .
ND-PBM said, “there will be grievous consequences as from 2019, if their Communities are not developed”
The statement thus reads;
“We have watched with meticulous details the reckless handling of Government’s properties by the Political class, their inordinate stealing and looting of the people’s patrimony whilst the people are left to wallow in unimaginable poverty and inhumane condition of living is evident in the masses economic state. Education, Health, Housing, Portable Water, Basic Infrastructures like; Roads, Railways, Power supplies and others are given the least attention in the midst of abundant wealth from the Oil rich Niger Delta region.
reaching Us already presume that some of the Niger Delta Militant groups have pledged their support for the Reelection of President Mohammadu Buhari and Perhaps all the Incumbent Governors from the Niger Delta Region. This is might not be arguable given the nature and or ideology driving some of the leaders of these groups. Niger Delta Pay-Back-Militants(ND-PBM) are not opposed to the reelection/election of any particular person, what we will not accept and or tolerate forthwith, is the unabated looting, killing of our people and stealing of our collective patrimony whilst the people suffers.
We want to clearly state that the following promises made by the Central ruling Government is yet to be materialised; 1. The Cleaning of Ogoni Land. 2. The promise of selling PMS Pump price at N45/L. 3. The Revitalisation of our Refineries to reposition them for maximum productivity. 4. Restructuring Nigeria, to give room for development of the component parts of the nation at the pace they can maintain within the confines of their productivity. 5. Making Our Electoral system to have human face through people oriented electoral reforms.

While the above are not exhaustive, we have condone enough the reckless abandon with which our people from the Niger Delta areas are treated by the International Oil Companies, Oil Servicing companies, Federal agencies, and the State Governments who manage the wealth from these region.

We have reasoned that it is only reasonable to develop a region with the resources from her soil, given that every resource is finite and proper management of the resources could be used to forestall possible complications of man’s exploitation in the future. Whereas, the above is a fact, the Niger Delta region can not boast of anything that will outlast the current exploitation of her resources after many years of exploitation.

Our Resolutions; ND-PBM, a militant group led by a Niger Deltan, from the Delta Central Senatorial district and whose members cut across the region both living in Diaspora and indigent in Nigeria, which to clearly state that it is no more business as usual. This is therefore sounding a warning to all handlers of the proceeds of the exploitation of the region to seat up and develop the region.
Our demands are simple, Government must henceforth fund; 1. The Educational Sectors to make it meet international best standard. 2. The health sector to prevent the unrewarding Medical tourism that is further worsening our economic situation.
3. Revitalize our transport and railway system to reduce RTAs and ease of transport. 4. Affordable Housing for our people 5. Provision of Stable Power Supplies to our people. 6. Provision of portable water supply to our people. 7. A people oriented Electoral reforms and implementation of same. 8. A Restructuring of the Nigerian State. 9. Ensuring the Niger Delta region is industrialized to face the unforeseen consequences of exploitation. Importantly all our seaports especially those in the Niger Deltan region must be made to work forthwith. 10. Absorbing our graduates into these oil Institutions and creating enabling environment for those who have Business acumen to thrive.

Failing to do the above will be met with grievous consequences including but not limited to:
1. Unimaginable but preventable deaths of these unproductive and evil Political class and their families alike. 2. We shall ground all Oil installations from the Niger Delta Region with its attendant consequences. 3. We shall ensure that all the Political class are unable to assess their homes within the confines of Nigeria and in Diaspora.
We have stated these in good faith believing that the Political class have human face. May we use this medium to request the international community to impress it on our leaders the flirt across the globe to do justice to the above because when our actions will begin to roll out. We will not listen to any unfavorable appeals.
God bless the Niger Delta People. God bless Nigeria. God bless PBM.
Gen. M. N. O. Priye. PBM spokesman.



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