Breaking: Niger Delta Militants blow-up another Agip facility, Seek justice

Niger Delta Militant

Bayan-Men, a new Niger Delta Militants organization in Rivers State, has assaulted another Nigeria Agip Oil Company (NAOC) oil station in the Obosi region of Omoku, Ogba-Egbema-Ndoni Local Government Area.

The attack occurred after the group’s 24-hour deadline for Agip to respond to its demands had passed.

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According to reports, the violent agitators blew up the firm’s Onosi-Ogu Manifold in Obosi, triggering an explosion that shook the area.

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Agip had yet to put out the fire from last week’s attack on its factory, according to a source who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

In a statement, the militant organization claimed responsibility for the incident, claiming that it was fighting for justice against the Omoku people.

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In a statement issued by its Commander, General Agaba, the group threatened to launch more attacks on Agip facilities if the company did not interact directly with the Omoku villages.

“The action we took yesterday (Tuesday) as a result of Agip’s inability to comply with the 24-hour ultimatum we gave them to engage our people on how to begin working directly with particular communities rather than through individuals,” the statement reads.

“We are intellectuals, not criminals.” When a man is pushed against a wall, he bounces back with double the force. We’re allowing Agip another seven days to open negotiation windows with the Omoku clan’s 27 communities.

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“This gathering will bring together the chiefs of these villages, the chairman of the CDCs (Community Development Committees), and the youth presidents of the 27 communities.” That’s how we’d like it to be.

“We don’t want it in anyone’s living room; we want it at the Civic Center, where everyone will be able to see it.” Because of the numerous appeals, we’ve received and our upcoming Nchaka event on Sunday, we’d want to soft-pedal now. We don’t want anything to get in the way of the festival.”

He expressed remorse for the military’s participation in the process, noting that the organization was only interested in justice for their people.

“We’re startled at the extent of intervention by the military and DSS in command of the federal government facilities,” Agaba added. They’re in charge of maintaining law and order.

“The federal government advised them (Agip) to deal with the various villages on their own.” Why are the security guards siding with the corporation?

“They come in, take money, and defy the law.” Justice is what we seek. You can’t come to my town and grab the land while leaving me hungry. According to reports, Agip sent soldiers to put out the fire, but they were unable to do so. It’s a case of now or never.”

Maj. Victor Olukoya, the Joint Task Force (JTF) Spokesperson, indicated when reached that he would only discuss the event in his office if our correspondent could see him.

“The way you’re trying to do your job is the way I’m trying to do mine,” he added when pressed further. Come into my office and we’ll chat about it.”



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