[ New Music ] Yéla New Album ‘Existence Resistance’

Yéla New Album 'Existence Resistance

Yéla New Album ‘Existence Resistance’ Mp3 drop soon.


The album is a journey to self discovery. Created in the wake of the global pandemic, Existence Resistance spells out a spiritual, political, sexual, generational as well as self awareness. Devided into two acts, the album is reflection of the times and how it has affected the average person’s rights and privileges as a human in 2020.

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Songs like “Cake” and “Spectrum” spell a political and racial awakening while songs like “Gimmie Luv”, “FaceTime” as well as “All the Time/ October” chronicles the dissolution of love due to the pandemic. Sonically, Existence Resistance, is a melting pot of sounds ranging from Afro pop to electro pop and alt R&B.

Fusion and experimentation is the connector between tracks on this album. A follow up to Yéla’s perivious full length, “Folabi” (2018), E.R. (derived from the sentence “our existence is the resistance”) determines to take a stand and be more vocal, more vulnerable and more confident with music styles, points of view (“Anti-Social” & “Boys dont Cry”) and general approach to telling stories through song.

With production from previous collaborator MonLee to the majority of the albums production being handled by new collaborator, Raldie Young and features from both of them as well as singers Cill and Jon Ogah, Yéla attempts to paint a clear picture of being a nigerian, just trying to exist within this space while resisting the status quo.

Yéla Bio

Yéla is an Afro Pop Fusion nigerian singer/songwriter. He usually combines divers unconventional sounds with vivid storytelling to make fusion records usually with an alternative edge.

Social Media @Yelamusic88 (IG & Twitter) Existence Resistance (album) https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/TPYY T

  1.  God (feat. Raldie Young)  ( Listen/live Stream )
  2. Cake
  3. Anti-Social
  4. Gimmie Luv
  5. Facetime
  6. All the Time / October (interlude)
  7. Boy’s Don’t Cry
  8. Restart (Happy)
  9. Wonder Woman
  10. Spectrum
  11. OK / Nnamdi (interlude)
  12. Y W & F

Listen / Live Stream

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# Yéla New Album ‘Existence Resistance

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