Never Again Shall We Allow the PDP Cabal to Deceive Deltans


My name is a Delta born child who once lived and experienced all the good and bad ways of lives people displayed in Ughelli,Warri,Sapele,Asaba in particular and the whole of Delta State in general.

Ironically,my heart kept bleeding for the sorrowful state the PDP has placed our people on since 1999 and the greatest destruction made by this same PDP cabal on the state is the destruction of the futures of our youths and women which i believe the God,even with his infinite mercies have decided to put a stop to right about now.

And these thought kept crawling in my mind and heart,i became worried and started reaching out to people all over the diaspora and was shocked to realised that 100% of both the young/old men and women in the diaspora all with one voice rose up from their slumber with voice saying ” THIS IS THE TIME TO DO RIGHT THING BY CORRECTING THE WRONGS DONE TO OUR PEOPLE SINCE 1999 WHEN WE IGNORANTLY/ MISTAKENLY VOTED THE PDP CABALS INTO GOVERNMENT,AND NOW TO DO THE NEEDFUL BY VOTING THE ONLY GOD CHOOSEN MAN CALLED OLOROGUN GREAT OVEDJE INTO THE OSADEGBE HOUSE ASABA COME 2019.”.

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Based on the above,I Hon.Comrade. Ejiwealth Emareyo Akparobor on behalf of the whole elders and youths of the diaspora hereby declares that never again shall we allow the PDP cabal to deceive the innocent people of Delta State or even risk a further a further decay of the already destroyed infrastructures in the state.God forbid this……..

For sure,the hour for this great decision is now and so i am calling on every men,women and youths of Delta State to as from today take a firm decision and practically plead to God for forgiveness for the mistakes of allowing the wrong group of persons to rule our dear State which has ruined our wealth and pushed us to a state of getting down on our knees begging for survival.

The only way out is to do the needful which is mobilise our people to come out from the forced darkness into the Light of liberty by realising the bloody mistakes we once did and vote for the right man chosen by God to lead us to freedom.That man is a man who have never bothered about how much we have disappointed him consistently and as a real anointed man of God he has again accepted to deliver us from this slavery for the very last time.

So as agreed by everybody in the diaspora,we please call on all Deltans to decide today if they really loves this State called the Delta State.And if ‘yes’ is their answer,then they should in the Name of God come out without fear or favour come out and say ‘NO’ to the PDP cabals and then ‘YES’ to the chosen man of the people and anointed by God as the People’s General.The man who the people always refered to as “HIS EXCELLENCY” is OLOROGUN GREAT OVEDJE OGBORU”.

And as a true son of the soil,i Hon.Comrade.Ejiwealth Emareyo Akparobor, an APC leader in the diaspora,the philanthropy general in the diaspora who is always seeing to wiping off tears from the faces of the suffering youths in Delta State with the establishment of the Ejiwealth Foundation.,with pain in ny heart say to all Deltans that the hour of the real divine decision is now.Let the whole world know that never again can anybody deceive our people into making another mistake and that the right thing must have to be done right from this very moment and even beyond May 29th, 2019.

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God have spoken again and we must this time around obey His words by force and by fire.
Therefore,those who have ears,let them here for God has spoken again and for the last time………………

I thank God for this day….


I am Hon. Comrade. Ejiwealth Emareyo Akporobor.,
A leader of APC in the Diaspora.



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