By: Nwachukwu Sadik Enemosa

It was more than a show of love and hospitality as the Ndokwa people embraced their own, Dr. Mrs Marian Nneamaka Ali (Enyikpakpando) whose campaign train stormed yesterday, Wednesday 13th February 2019. The event witnessed impressive tune-up of supporters and progressives from across Ndukwa Nation.

The women expressed extra ordinary passion and very optimistic seeing one of their own in such a bold and courageous outfit, filled with immense confident and very prepared to wrestle the senatorial seat with the incumbent, Senator Peter Nwoboshi who have remained redundant at the Upper Chamber to the detriment of the Anioma people.

The deputy DG Enyikpakpando Campaign Organization, Barr Austin Ogbolu while addressing the supporters described Dr Mrs Marian Ali as a disciplinarian, a courageous woman who always stands for what is right no matter the situation, “She has trained people, her certificates are complete and she has never stolen nor diverted public fund for selfish interest. She didn’t forge certificate, never indicted of any crime, but have supported and made a lots of persons who they are today”.

Also speaking at the event Dr. Mrs Marian Nneamaka Ogoh Ali reinvigorates her desire to serve the Anioma people. She said the Ndukwa nation and Anioma deserved a better live. She wondered how wicked and careless Nwoboshi and his folks in PDP could be. According to her, neglecting the Ndokwa nation to this level of impoverishment is the worst maltreatment a people can tolerate from her government. She said Ndokwa as one of the oil rich areas in delta State has been severally denied of her rights by both the government and elected individuals whom have failed in serving the interest of the people. Dr. Mrs Ali promised to put a stop to such maltreatments on the Ndukwa nation in her reign as a senator representing delta north constituency.



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According to her, Anioma is a blessed land endowed with both human and natural resources. “We have all it takes to make this land a place of pride. Unfortunately, we have never had it right voting the right people in places of trust, most especially elected individuals who are supposed to be our voice at the National Assembly but they ended up representing their pockets and expounding their private investments with the money meant for our constituency projects”.


Tell me any single achievement for the Anioma people that Peter Nwoboshi can boast of? Peter Nwoboshi is a senator representing his pocket and private investments. Anioma people has been neglected for the past 19 years because we allowed unqualified individuals to takeover mantle of leadership in our land and now we are suffering the consequence of their mediocrity. Enough is enough! It is time to move to the next level. President Buhari for the past three years has been configuring Nigeria into a working nation and Anioma must key into this progress. We must not lack behind. We must Move to the Next Level. Take your PVC and vote for me, vote for Enyikpakpando to represent Delta North at the Senate. Vote for APC and remember to use your index finger while voting. Come out in mass, mobilize your streets and neighbours and make sure they cast their vote for me, Dr. Mrs Marian Nneamaka Ali (Enyikpakpando), make sure they vote for president Muhammadu Buhari, make sure they vote for APC. We must do the right thing to get the right result. Anioma is heading to the Next Level “. She said.

Also in the campaign entourage were, the Contact and Mobilization Director of Enyikpakpando Campaign Organization; Dr. Chris Ugo, the Director of Youth Mobilization who is also from Ndukwa East; Dr. Obi Okeya, the woman Director; Mrs Chionye amongst others.

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