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The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has ordered Nigerian television and radio stations to refrain from reporting “details” of bandit, terrorist, and activities.

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On Friday, the Director of Broadcast Monitoring, Francisca Aiyetan, signed a statement headlined “Newspaper Reviews And Current Affairs Programs: A Need For Caution” on behalf of the incoming Director-General of the Commission, Balarabe Ilelah.

“On a daily basis, the headlines of most newspapers are loaded with security topics. While bringing security information to Nigerians’ doorsteps is necessary, there is a need for care because too many specifics may jeopardise the efforts of our security officials who are tasked with dealing with the insurgency.

“As a result, the Commission encourages broadcasters to work with the government to address security concerns by:

“Not glorifying rebels, terrorists, kidnappers, , and other criminals.”

“Advising guests and/or experts on programmes not to use contentious rhetoric to polarise the public in order to make their argument.

“To avoid jeopardising the work of Nigerian soldiers and other security agents, we are not disclosing details of either the security concerns or the victims of these security challenges.”

“The broadcaster shall not transmit divisive materials that threaten or compromise Nigeria’s sovereign state’s divisibility and indissolubility.

In conflict situations, the broadcaster must act as a peace agent by adhering to the principles of accountability, accuracy, and neutrality, according to the statement.

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