NASS Allegedly Approves N4.87bn To Monitor, Track Calls, WhatsApp Messages

NASS Allegedly Approves N4.87bn To Monitor, Track Calls, WhatsApp Messages

NASS Allegedly Approves N4.87bn To Monitor, Track Calls, WhatsApp Messages.

According to reports, the National Assembly has approved N4.87 billion for the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) to intercept, track, and monitor calls and messages on mobile devices such as WhatsApp.

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This was revealed to Nigerian Ejes Gist News yesterday by a reliable source.

According to countries that have implemented the programme, it is expected to revolve around “autonomous collection of massive data sets” and artificial intelligence-driven analysis.

“The government cannot view personal communications on WhatsApp,” WhatsApp recently stated in a statement issued in the United States. The communications that are forwarded on WhatsApp can only be read by the sender and the receiver of the messages.”

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This is why WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption to ensure that messages can only be read by the sender and the recipient.

The Social Economy Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) responded quickly yesterday, saying it would “challenge the unlawful surveillance and blatant violation of Nigerians’ right to privacy.”

Meanwhile, famous Nigerian attorneys and human rights campaigners have spoken out against the NASS decision.

During a phone conversation with our correspondent, Barrister Monday Ubani described the alleged approval as unbelievable.

“That is an infringement on the right to privacy,” he claims. No one has the authority to listen in on another’s phone calls. It is clearly illegal if they do it. However, approving that amount of money from taxpayers’ money to monitor Nigerians’ calls is clearly a major infraction and a violation of Nigerians’ rights.

“And I don’t believe it is correct. This information does not ring true to me. I don’t believe the NASS will approve funds to monitor people’s calls since they are so ignorant of the law.

“I won’t believe it until the National Assembly verifies that a large sum of money has been approved to achieve this. Clearly, this is unconstitutional. Everyone in the United States has the right to privacy. It’s a violation of people’s rights. It is clearly unbelievable.”

Barr, for his part. The claimed sanction of such a large sum of money, according to Akingbolu, is absolutely unconstitutional, as it is a violation of the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s constitution’s freedom of speech.

“It is uncalled for,” he says. Everyone is granted the right to information freedom. To now state that the government will be able to see the content of anything someone sends is an obvious breach of people’s right to privacy.

“If you do this, it implies that the content of whatever you say to anyone is accessible to any government agency. I believe the government would do well to heed the demand of Nigerians, as this action has been widely denounced.

“It’s not appropriate. That is not possible in the twenty-first century. He continued, “This is not the proper time since we have other serious concerns that the government should address.”


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