Nancy Isime underwent body enhancement – Blessing CEO

Nancy Isime

Relationship guru has made the contentious claim that actress underwent a body enhancement procedure.

Blessing CEO noted that 90% of female celebrities have enhanced their bodies through liposuction but are not as brave as she was to come out and admit it.

 Blessing CEO
Blessing CEO

On the most recent episode of the “Frankly Speaking” podcast, she appeared as a guest alongside Nedu, Naomi, Husband Material (Chukwudi), and Adetoun.

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While debating the question, “Is body enhancement a response to insecurity?” Nedu asked the CEO of Blessing yet another direct query.

He conducted a quiz to find out which celebrities had performed Brazilian Butt Lifts but remained anonymous because they claimed to have built their muscles through exercise.

“Who did this BBL where they used exercise to hide me?” Nedu enquired

Blessing responded with a hearty laugh and the following statement: “Okay, I’m going to call one person that almost made me commit suicide. That’s Nancy Isime, then.

“I can still picture going to the gym back then. I purchased every article of clothing she wore to the gym.

Actually, they’ll tell me when I arrive at the gym; that’s not how they used to carry it. I’ll be lugging extra weight.

Nancy Isime

Nancy Isime : credit Ejes Gist Newspaper 

Nancy Isime did not do body now, one of the hosts interrupted. Nancy has always had good health.

While they were arguing, Nedu added, “Nancy Isime no do nyarsh now.”

The media personality reiterated her words, saying: “She fixed her body! She does not! They actually did! Celebrities have altered their bodies to a 90% degree.


They are keeping it a secret because not everyone is as resilient as Blessing CEO.

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