At the end of reading this article, it is left for you to decide if Olorogun is truly a or not.

When I was younger my dad uses to tell me that the major characteristics of a father is to make sure his children live in harmony no matter their differences.

In his wisdom, He said;

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no matter your difference a family bound together is better than a close friend

The recent happening in the APC has got my thinking of the category of a father, to which I would categories the said leader of the party. His insensitivity to the growth of the party, his lack of concern for the challenges of the party and his unwillingness to create unity among party faithful.

No great leader is happy when his house is on fire, but Otega seems to enjoy the kurukede dance of the spirit world. Recently a party faithful was grossly murdered by another overzealous supporter in a cold blood. Up until now Olorogun Otega Emeroh, Delta APP leader, is yet to make any public statement condemning the action.

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Could it be that he his aware and gave clearance? That matter would be left for the police to find out. But never the less the life of that young man will not be in vain, who ever it is must be brought to face the law. But the question is;

Does He OTEGA deserve to be called a leader?



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