In the Premium times of August 10 2015 the auditor general of the federation, Samuel Ukara said at least N183 billion that was meant for the development of Nigeria’s oil rich Niger Delta, was diverted by those put in charge of the Niger Delta development commission (NDDC) for the area.

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During an interactive session in PTI Effurun with oil producing ethnic nationalities the This day newspaper of August 27th 2016 the Minister of State, Petroleum Resources, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu reiterated that, said there was nothing on ground to justify the over $40 billion that has accrued to the Niger Delta region in the past 12 years through various intervention agencies,from all this it shows that this intervention agencies,their handlers and our leaders in the region are the actual enemy of the Niger delta people.

We have also watched how past politicians continue to subject us to perpetual poverty as a result of corruption, greed and maladministration in the Niger Delta region and when they are aggrieved they procure weapons for the impoverished and frustrated youths to perpetuate violence against their own people and the Nigerian state to enforce their greed and selfish ambition , they make us believe Nigeria is the problem whereas they are the real enemy of our people
How on earth can you justify the trillions a state like Delta has received so far from the federation account since 1999 against the background of available infrastructures in the state.
Deltans complain about virtually everything in their daily lives but nobody is ready to bell the cat. That is why we come out at this critical period to save the situation. If we don’t do this, our children and grandchildren will not forgive us for leaving for them, a state that doesn’t work.
I choose to use Delta as a case study because am from there, Delta is too rich a state for its endowed citizenry to continue wallowing in abject poverty, we must as a matter of urgency create a new space and opportunities to showcase a good leadership in our dear state.
In 2019, we want Deltans to have a choice and avail their various parties with that credible choice. We want to do away with professional politicians and create a pool of professionals to drive our development process.
If we don’t do away with this politicians who bestride the space by recycling the same kind of professional politicians and shutting the doors to genuine and well meaning individuals, the story of our woes and misfortunes as a people will out live us and generations yet unborn.

Their operations have become highly monetized and violent, against any new set of informed and committed leadership that every nation requires at critical periods of development like what we are currently experiencing as a result of the recession we find ourselves.
It is pertinent to note that Delta remains the most undeveloped state in the Niger Delta region and until we make a consensus effort to create a new Democratic culture,the Lions and the hyenas will continue to have a field day while the masses suffer the consequences of their greed and corruption.
Deltans must shop for new blood of technocrats and people who have succeeded in their personal life, until we do that we will continue to have the misfortune of bringing professional politicians whose main reason for governance is to feed on our common patrimony. We must dislodge the cabals who run our state like their personal estate .
Deltans are civilised people and wiser now, I plead with all Deltans to take time and examine their life, level of poverty and lack if we deserve this living condition we found ourselves.
It is even more disheartening that as rich as Delta state workers salaries are slashed by 30% and some owed for as much as 14months.the level of infrastructural decay in the state is unprecedented, while other states like Akwa Ibom are already earning revenue from agricultural exports Delta state is here making sure that the story of recession is perpetually sold to us in other to continue to plunder our resources without any meaningful development or economic plan for the state
One thing is as sure as death unless we take a bold step,unite and do away with all this professional politicians and political shenanigans it shall be from story to story in our political space.
Delta Arise and fight for a better
tomorrow come 2019
Source: whistleblowers

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