BREAKING: Top Nigerian Politician Found Dead in Office

Alhaji Murtala Dammallam, also known as Maigarin Mayafasa, has passed away. Mayafasa died in the Malumfashi Local Government Area (LGA) of Katsina State, according to reports.

The deceased was the elder brother to Alhaji Maiwada Dammallam, the Chief of Staff of Solomon Dalung, ex-Minister of Youth and Sports. He is also a prolific social media writer and commentator on both national and international issues.

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Dalung broke the sad news on Saturday morning via his well-known Facebook page, which he has since deleted.

“There is no doubt that Alhaji Murtala’s departure will leave a significant void that will be difficult to fill quickly. “We will greatly miss him and his fatherly counsel, even though we accepted it as the unquestionable will of God,” Dalung said. “We will greatly miss him and his fatherly counsel.”

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“According to the Holy Scriptures, every soul will face death at some point; we pray to God to forgive his shortcomings and reward his good deeds with aljanatu fidausi amen.”

The heartfelt condolences of my humble self, my family, and the staff who worked under his capable leadership as Chief of Staff is extended to him and his family.” May God Almighty, the Master of the Day of Judgment, grant him the strength to endure this difficult time, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the Maiwada family,” Dalung expressed sorrowfully.



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