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Diverse reactions have in the last one week trailed some of the appointments made by Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege with some persons opining that rather than the Deputy Senate President appointing Urhobos into those positions, he chose to appoint persons outside his senatorial district and the Urhobo ethnic nationality. Though their complaint could be well understood given the common practice in the nation’s political context where persons appointed or elected into political offices, more often than not appoint as their aides persons who are ethnically or religiously linked to them. Also, given the common axiom that all politics is local, it is assumed in the Nigerian polity that those who should ordinarily enjoy political patronage from political office holders should first and foremost be those who are from their immediate political constituency as the political office holder(s).

However, as tenable as these arguments might sound, it is nevertheless cruel and prejudicial to condemn Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege outrightly for the appointments, particularly when it is considered that the Deputy Senate President may have arrived at his decision after detailed analysis of the situation at hand.

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In any case, for those who hold the view that in as much as Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege was elected to the Senate by the Urhobo and the people of Delta Central Senatorial district, and as such should have made his initial appointments from the senatorial district, they should however not fail to regard the fact that, his ascension to the office of the Deputy Senate President was beyond the makings of only the Urhobos but that which could be seen to be made possible by the support and aggregation of most Senators and stakeholders from other regions, religion and different parts of the country and as such, it would only be proper if his political texture reflects a nationalistic outlook, especially as it pertains to political patronage and appointments.

Again, we must not also forget the fact that Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege is not a Deputy Senate President for just the Urhobos and the people of Delta Central Senatorial District but a Deputy Senate President for the entire nation. While I do not ignore the fact that he is in the Senate today under the auspices of the Urhobo Nation and the people of Delta Central Senatorial District, we must not also lose sight of the fact that while Delta Central Senatorial District remains his primary constituency, however, given his current position as the Deputy Senate President, his constituency and primary assignment is no longer limited to the Urhobo Nation and Delta Central Senatorial District but the entire country, and as a result, his actions and decisions must reflect national mien.

The fact remains that the Urhobo people must be very careful and wary of those in our midst, most especially persons in the mould of notorious Fred Oghenesivbe Latimore who are always on the lookout for every single opportunity to cause disaffection in the heart of men thereby wanting to disunite rather than uniting us; people with the unquenchable penchant for using the name of Urhobo to settle personal political scores with their perceived political enemies. On this note, I expect all Urhobo sons and daughters of goodwill to come to the realization that for us to make the most out of Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege’s present exalted position we must be united as a people with a common hegemonic integrity.

We must learn to concentrate on those things that unite rather than the ones that disunite us as a people; as that remains the only way the Urhobo Nation can become a voice to reckon with in the Nigerian federation.

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I am of the believe that perhaps most of us are unaware that as a Deputy Senate President, Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege is entitled to about 40 personal aides. And if this is the situation, so what is the grouse with him appointing 3 out of 40 persons so far and of which the highest of them (Chief of Staff) is an Urhobo man and the other two outside the Urhobo political lineage. Just for the records, Dr. Otive Igbuzor is a complete decent Urhobo man and a direct brother to the Deputy Senate President from Orogun, Ughelli North LGA.

The Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege that I know will never let the Urhobo Nation down either by way of appointments or patronage.

I will therefore humbly advise that we keep our cool and rally round Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege to ensure that he succeeds because, if he succeeds, the Urhobo Nation no doubt would have succeeded. Thank you



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