Mr Ibu

Mr Ibu has asked Nigerians to stop using his illness to scam people.


Actor John Okafor, also known as , has spoken out against people who are taking advantage of his illness to defraud unsuspecting Nigerians.

In a video, the comedian, who is undergoing treatment at Zenith Medical and Kidney Centre in Abuja, accused fraudulent individuals of profiting from his illness.

Mr Ibu  claimed that he was not the one asking for money, particularly on his Instagram page, which he claimed had been hacked.

He claims that his situation isn’t as serious as some people make it out to be.

“Some people have sold me like this,” Mr Ibu said.

They don’t want to hear from me at all. All they do is try to sell me something for free. It’s the devil! It’s not going to work.

“God has brought me back to life…

I’ve been raised by God. My wife and I are here. I haven’t gone out of my way to beg for money.

“I’m not saying that all my friends who pay me a visit can’t give me money,” Mr Ibu added. They are free to give me money.

“However, not to the extent that they are implying. So, anyone who makes a living off of criticising and exploiting my illness should stop.

I’m able to walk now, but not run. Please….

“And please, his Instagram account has been hacked,” his wife Stella Maris Okafor said. Please, anyone using that account to collect money or do anything, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please Before you begin acting, double-check everything.

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Anyone who wants to help him, whether a good person, a family member, or a well-wisher, should come to the hospital, as he stated. Or, even better, call him. You can also call me and give it to me directly.”


Mr Ibu added, “And let my account officer call me.”

Mr Ibu has had health problems in the past, which he claims nearly led to his death.

He recounted his near-death experience in 2020, claiming that he was poisoned by his staff, who he claimed was paid by his kinsmen to murder him.

As he explained the reason for his protruding stomach to Nigize TV, the comic actor attributed his continued existence to God.

“Up until now, I didn’t drink alcohol,” he explained. Despite the fact that I don’t drink alcohol, my stomach is large. It happened after they poisoned me. It used to be a lot bigger. It looked like foam if you had seen it. I began to feel better after taking medicine. Before, I couldn’t see my legs.

“They drove me to Nnewi and told me we had a show.” They imprisoned me and abused me. They thrashed me, then put poison in my mouth and fled, leaving me there. My dancers and boys were the ones who carried me home. I awoke in the city of Enugu. “No, you are not going yet,” God said.

“They brought the first poison here in my office, and I took it,” he continued. Nobody came to ask why I was falling down. Even the workers refused to enter, despite the fact that they could hear me stumbling around. In my bathroom, I vomited something.

“They gave me the second one, and the people who gave it to me are my coworkers.” I unknowingly swallowed another one because I had never suspected them until God opened my eyes.

“They paid them and provided them with sufficient funds to ensure that I was eliminated.” All of these plans come from Enugu, my hometown, and people of all ages who are surprised that I can own things, build houses, and buy houses in Lagos. They were told to go kill me. Mr Ibu, said.

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