More photos of the Lady sentenced to death in Lagos emerged


Stella Gilbert, a 36 year old woman resident in Ajegunle wailed uncontrollably on Tuesday couple of minutes after Justice Raliat Adebiyi pronounced death sentence on her for stabbing a fellow housewife, Mrs Stella Godwin to death throughout a fracas.

The deceased is mom of three. She knelt down on the ground, wailing, “Mummy ejo, eshanu me, I don’t want to die ooo, wetin I do” forcing jail officers and court orderly to bodily carry her away and downstairs in the premises. But she continued wailing, telling all passersby what would turn into of her. It took particular talent by the jail officers to persuade her to accompany them to the Maximum Security Prison.

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The decide discovered her responsible on one rely cost of homicide introduced in opposition to her by the Lagos State authorities. Stella Gilbert stabbed Mrs Stella Godwin with knife to death throughout an argument on June 22, 2013 at No. 59, Ojora St., Ajegunle, Lagos opposite to part 221 of the Criminal Law of Lagos 2011.

While delivering the judgement in the swimsuit, Justice Adebiyi held that the prosecution proved the homicide case in opposition to the defendant with overwhelming proof that in a combat together with her neighbour, the defendant stabbed the deceased to death in the chest with a knife.

She added that prosecution witnesses proof had been additionally overwhelming and that the defendant herself confessed that she solely stabbed the deceased as soon as.

“The knife was tendered as exhibit. The defendant in this case used a knife on the deceased, by any customary, a knife is a deadly weapon. The proof of PW2, the cousin of PW1 (the deceased’s husband) and of PW3 the girl police officer was that the deceased was stabbed in the chest.

“The Coroner’s report tendered in evidence by PW4 confirmed that the deceased was stabbed in the chest. The chest is where the heart is, by stabbing the deceased in the chest, a very fragile part of the body, clearly intended to cause the most harm to her. The death of the deceased occurred as a result of the grievous injury caused by the defendant. The defendant is culpable of the offence of murder .”

Justice Adebiyi additional held that defendant testimony contradict her confessional statement.” The defendant testimony was that she was attacked by the deceased, it quantity to self defence .She didn’t show that she was in free for all when she stabbed the deceased.

“From the proof, the combat came about in a room, although no proof was given of the measurement of the room, it couldn’t have been a really giant room. The proof was that the deceased and defendant lived in a home consisting of rooms occupied by households popularly known as ‘face me I face you’.

“As an aside, it is worrying that the level of violence, unnecessary animosity and death which occurs amongst our citizens as a result of living together in close proximity without sufficient personal space and boundaries remain unabated. There is clearly a need to improve social housing and living conditions. The court hopes that this message will be conveyed to the necessary authorities through the prosecutors who have the responsibility to prosecute these cases and should be able to provide vital statistics,”

In his allocutus, her counsel pleaded that court ought to mood justice with mercy. Added that she single and be given a chance of second likelihood. He mentioned she has misplaced each father or mother and has gone by lots in jail. But the prosecution counsel, Mrs Opeyemi Olugasa mentioned the legislation provides obligatory sentence and punishment to offender, urged the court to sentence her accordingly.

“The defendant must suffer the consequence of her action. The defendant Stella Gibert is found guilty of the one count charge of murder. You are hereby sentenced to death. May the giver of soul forgives you.”

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