Nigeria is in a political and developmental mess! Nigeria is now 58 years old of governance but still grabs for development and political graduation despite the gargantuan monies realized from crude oil and non oil mediums. From findings, one of the major factor hindering developmental progression in Nigeria is the money politics that has infiltrated the blood lines of most Nigerians. From investigation, over 90% of Nigerians sees election as a blatant opportunity of making monetary wealth. The don’t care to vote for the most credible candidate with genuine manifestos rather vote for the highest financial bidder. Hence, after many years becoming a developed nation seems a mirage.

Credible candidates, technocrats, honest people cannot vie for public offices anymore because of this money politics; for youths to vie for public offices is like patting along dark roads without headlights because of same money factor. In Nigeria, most electorates prefer to vote for Yahoo boys, criminals, Agberos, Robbers, rituals, ex-convicts, looters, killers, motor park touts, etc. Because they believe to get more money from them during election periods. For any candidate to win election in Nigeria he or she must be prepared to spend a lot of money. It’s now becoming a normal trend no money no politics! Candidates spend plenty of money before, during and after campaign in order to win the posts they are contesting for. On the demand of most electorates, candidates do pay medical bills, buy houses, pay house rents, buy landed properties, pay for wife delivery expenses, school fees, projects, weekly or monthly stipends, payment for votes and other compelled expenses as a prerequisite for his or her mandate. Some electorates will even tell you that without money they will not exercise their franchise. Some of these candidates went extra miles to sell their personal belongings, borrow money from lending houses just to meet electorates demands. Now tell me, won’t these candidates recoup his or her expenses after winning the election? The answer is yes they will! That is why immediately they land in office their agenda changes. They set out to take back what they have spent during the election period including profit, and the ones they will amass for their generation yet unborn before the expiration of their tenure. We all know, the profit is usually many times more than the investment. Close to the expiration of their tenure, they will focus their attention on how to win another election with money without doing anything to develop masses. As they come like wolf’s in the sheep’s clothing for the second time, they will show little seriousness to further blindfold the masses by giving them money. The politicians use the opportunity of giving money to deceive the masses, and the masses will assume that is the best of what they expect from their leaders.

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From the above, you will agree with me that both the politicians and the electorates contributes to the underdevelopment of Nigeria. And averting this demeaning problem should be a concern to every well meaning Nigerian. In developed nations electorates votes base on convincing manifestos, and people go into politics to serve for development of the nation not with consciousness to loot money and properties of the country. These are the kind of politicians or leaders we need in Nigeria today. Some of the side effects of money politics is unemployment, underdevelopment, poverty, crises, violence, youth restiveness, looting, criminality among others.

No doubt, Nigeria is in an economical, social, moral, developmental, as well as political quagmire. It’s hightime we join hands together to sensitize fellow Nigerians out of this obnoxious redeemable problem.
Let us do all we can to fight against money politics because it will never lead us to success rather than underdevelopment. Don’t eat your future today! Don’t eat your development today!….. with peanuts. You cannot eat your cake and have it, but take money if you are giving. As 2019 elections are approaching, let’s join the campaign to vote credible candidates with the slogan “give us development not money”. Nigeria must move from developing nation to a developed nation in the nearest future.

I always believe that ultimately, if people are paying attention Nigeria will get good government and good leadership. On the contrary, when we get lazy as a democracy and civically start taking shortcuts, then it will result in bad government and politics *Barack* *obama* .



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