Money Is Not Everything ( See Photos Of People That Have Proven That Love Is Real )


One of the sweetest things that could ever happen to any human on earth is being in . Love is so important that it was even acknowledged by the Holy Book (Bible) as the most important of all the commandments of God because when you are in love with someone, you can go at any length just to make sure that person is comfortable even if it has a negative impact on you.

Just to please your partner, love can make you do and undo anything. Barrier, age, distance, language, faith, money are all nothing to the question of love. Read 3 Most Dangerous Psalms No Enemy Can Withstand

Some people still have this mindset that money supersedes love, despite the importance of love. But I’m going to tell you, for free, that belief is very wrong, because money can never buy love, and I’ve seen a lot of people prove to the world that love is far greater than money. These individuals have gone ahead with the challenges they have to get involved and even marry their partner.

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Here is a collection of a few couples who have defied age, ability, money, status, stature, figure, and many other things just to show the world that love is greater than anything you can think of. These couples I’m about to share with you have gone through all sorts of obstacles just to be with the love of their lives.

This man, in the photo above, had to forget what people were going to say, and he went on to propose and marry the love of his life. But do you know one good news? They both had a baby together, and they were able to let the world know that above all, love still leads.

Money Is Not Everything

Grand P and his Fiancée, apart from these couples, had also proven that love was greater than money. His fiancée still declared her love for him and not because of his money, despite the health challenges of this man. As it is, very soon as they are already engaged, they’ll have their wedding.

Money Is Not Everything

Below are some other people that defied all rules just to be with the love of their life.


I hope you change your mindset with all these photographs above, about money being great over love. And if you know someone who is depressed by his or her relationship, tell him or her to cheer up, clear his or her mind, and give an opportunity to another person.

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