Woman goes blind after losing two soldier sons to insurgency


The lack of her two breadwinner sons to Boko Haram left a mom with out source for funds for medicare, main to her lack of sight.

Malama Aisha Umar, additionally known as Indo, is among the mother and father that misplaced their soldier youngsters whereas preventing Boko Haram terrorists within the North-East.

The 45-year-old lady lives at her mother or father’s home in Unguwar Dandinshe in Dala Local Government Area of Kano State the place she continues to be in search of help on how to deal with her eye issues.

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But earlier than then, she was residing in Jaji Barracks in the place she raised her youngsters who like many different youths developed the love for the army and shortly grew to become troopers.

Speaking with Daily Trust Saturday lately, she stated: “Because of curiosity my two sons Mubarak and Abubakar Hassan joined the Nigerian Army. Mubarak labored in Kaduna State, whereas Abubakar was in Abia State, after someday Mubarak was then transferred to Maiduguri in Borno State the place he stayed for two years earlier than he grew to become sick.

losing two soldier sons to insurgency

“We never knew until it worsened. Their Commander called me that we should come to see him but before we could, another call came that he was dead,” Aisha lamented.


She stated it was a heavy burden for her however the different son, Abubakar remained her comfort. “Abubakar used to always calm me down with his advice that every soul must taste the agony of death. He said that five times his name appeared to be transferred but that did not happen.”

However, the switch ultimately got here and Abubakar had to go away for Maiduguri. The mom stated earlier than Abubakar left, she prayed for him.

After 4 months, he returned to go to the mom and left for the battle discipline once more. Less than three months after, Abubakar and different troopers have been killed in a bomb blast in Sabon Garin Damboa, the mom revealed.

She stated, “Three days before his death, Abubakar called me to lend him money before his salary was paid. We were trying to gather the money and send it to him before the of his death filtered in. It was later confirmed by the authority.”

She stated she obtained N500, 000 for the burial of her two sons however after that she has not acquired any fund once more as the daddy tries to pursue their advantages.

“Their father met some army officers that he knows to process their benefits, but till now we have not succeeded. Even recently, they call us from Abuja, but nothing has happened,” she famous.

Aisha battles eye drawback

The mom of the two fallen troopers has one more factor to deal with and that’s her eyes. “I awakened and began feeling ache in my eyes with excessive fever, I made a decision to purchase some medicine however after taking the medicine, my proper eye grew to become blind.

“I decided to visit a private hospital in Tudun Wada, Kaduna. The doctors confirmed that it was blood pressure that caused the blindness. Pain started in the other eye and I went to the National Eye Centre in Kaduna where I started collecting drugs,” Aisha stated.

She now struggles to purchase medicine for N8, 000 however with little enchancment. She couldn’t afford that and so, full blindness set in and so she was moved to her mother and father’ place in Kano.

“I have continued to take care of my life at the eye hospital at Mission, but any time I visit the hospital, I have to spend more than N10, 000 because of the drugs,” she lamented.

Aisha appealed to the authorities and others for help, saying because the time she misplaced her two youngsters, her situation grew to become essential since they have been those serving to out.

“My husband is poor and my mother and father can’t afford to purchase the medicine for me. For now, I can’t additionally do something for myself due to the state of affairs.

“That is why I’m appealing to government and other agencies to assist me because recently we found that one hospital can help fully treat the illness but I need the money to go there,” Aisha appealed.



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