Seyi Vodi and Moesha

Video of Moesha side chick of Seyi Vodi has gone viral . Ejes Gist Newspaper has obtained the moesha trending video. 

Bunmi Alade-Adekunle, wife of celebrity designer Seyi Adekunle, also known as Seyi Vodi, is currently trending online in a video in which she attacks his alleged side chic.

Bunmi can be heard in the video telling her husband’s side chic, identified as Moesha, that she has been warning her to stay away from her husband.

Moesha beating video

She and her friends then assaulted Moesha while she was tying a towel, before stripping her na.ked.

Pay attention to Married Man Beats Side Chick Beyond Recognition ( Read Full Details )


Seyi Vodi Alleged Side Chic , moesha viral video

This, according to insiders, also occurred at Seyi Vodi’s office. According to one of the sources who spoke to the popular news platform;

“Adekunle Seyi Vodi’s wife, Moesha, recently walked in on him and his side chic, Adekunle Seyi Vodi, inside his office.”

“They’ve apparently been dating for years, and his wife was aware and had warned Moesha to stay away from her husband.”

“She also recently discovered that Vodi was the one financing his mistress’s lavish lifestyle, including purchasing a Benz and establishing a fashion house in her name.”

“Recently, a little bird whispered to the wife that Moesha had returned to her husband’s office. As a result, she dashed down. Vodi, on the other hand, bolted immediately, leaving Moesha behind.”

The incident’s central figure, Seyi Vodi, has already locked his Instagram account.

Watch Viral Video of Moesha, Seyi Vodi  Side Chic 

Read the following reactions:

@Hype DJ Fresh : But why do married woman act this way when their husband cheats? Are there not other ways to go about it? Can’t you divorce him and let be? U must not beat the lady.

@Georgelurry: the Moesha lady is not ‘innocent’ but the woman didn’t do well. Men are not toys to be snatched.

@Georgelurry : But this isn’t the best way to deal with the innocent lady the action was so inhuman talk to your husband he’s the cause of everything.

@Nudeway_ : If I can recall wat she said… she said have I not warned you? She has really told her to stay away but on the other hand the person she would have confronted was the husband tbh

@bartylyon : My only bother is why that bottle was still unbroken😂dun care who uses it, just here for the vawulence

@Abelpter: “She should hire a good lawyer and sue that stupid woman for all he’s worth.”

“You beat up your husband’s side chick, then posted a naked video of her on social media.”

Thanks for reading and watching moesha viral video.

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