Miyetti Allah

Kautal Hore, aka Miyetti Allah has stated that as a result of “violating the rights of Fulani herders” in his state, Benue State will be brought to justice.

Saleh Alhassan, the national secretary-general of the Fulani sociocultural group, also revealed that Miyetti Allah had filed a complaint against Ortom at the International Criminal Court of Justice in The Hague for seizing more than 25,000 cows that belonged to group members and imprisoning more than 4,000 herders.

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After establishing the state’s Community Volunteer Guards, Ortom claimed to have achieved the conviction of more than 400 Fulani herders who had been “besieging” the state.

The governor declared, “We have successfully prosecuted more than 400 Fulani herders who besieged the state.

We’ve taken over 25,000 cows so far. As required by law to ensure that our lands are protected, we released some of the cows to the owners who paid fines and sold the cattle of those who did not.

Alhassan’s response to this development was that Ortom was infamous for constantly “abducting and keeping” cows that belonged to Fulani herders.

“He (Ortom) would go to border towns in the states of Taraba and Benue and seize cows, putting our members through hardship.

In Benue, there are no herders. He is a contributor to the issue, as evidenced by the livestock he seized.

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“He is wrecking our people’s economies in the border states. We brought up that matter, prepared our paperwork, and filed a lawsuit against him before the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

We filed a lawsuit against him because he stole our cattle from bordering communities in Nasarawa and Taraba, as well as because he imprisoned our defenceless youths and dumped them in his dungeon because he is a governor.

Because there are no herders in Benue, he is not detaining them for breaking the anti-open grazing law. He signed a law that required a ranch in order for a herder to function, which was passed by his state’s Assembly.

“Ortom has been unable to give us a ranch. Let him carry out all of this evil. He will still depart, and the Nigerian herders will live on, thrive, and become better, he declared.

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Additionally, Ortom had performed “woefully,” according to Alhassan. He therefore needs these distracting strategies in order to maintain his relevance.


“I only feel sorry for Benue State’s defenceless residents. We have tasked these individuals with looking into and probing the magnitude of security votes that Ortom has syphoned off from the government.

He has witnessed failure staring him in the face and is a complete failure. What growth milestones can he highlight after almost eight years?

“We no longer regard him as a serious candidate for office. Several legal actions are being taken against him. In order to receive compensation, we have also written to President Muhammadu Buhari,” he continued.

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