The Presidential Amnesty students Condemn destructions of , during a protest in press statement made available to Ejesgist Media.

Miss Kelechi' Death: presidential Amnesty Students' Condemn destructions of Novena university properties

The press release thus read;

We the Presidential Amnesty students Novena University (PAP students) sincerely regret the death of our student,Miss Kelechi,who died on a ghastly motor accident on Tuesday 01/05/2018. We condole with her family, relatives and friends.

Miss Kelechi' Death: presidential Amnesty Students' Condemn destructions of Novena university properties
It is so painful and heart breaking that she had to depart from us (novena students) and never to return. Late Kelechi,a 300 level student of PCH department left us on the basis of making a bank transaction at Abraka,because of the long existing poor banking system in Skye bank in the school premises. The unfortunate incident that occurred, triggered a massive protest in the school on Wednesday (02/05/2018) causing novena students to declare yesterday a black Wednesday. Students that massively came out for the protest cuts across,self sponsored students and amnesty students in the school. It is unfortunate and regrettable that the protest degenerated into a violent one,leading to destruction of school properties, ATM machines, and other valuables in the bank.
We regret the actions taken by the entire students of novena university and call on the managements of the school to look into the issues that led to these unfortunate incident and actions taken by students.
It is also in our (PAP students) notice that the protest has been narrowed to the amnesty students only,and that some staffs of the school management are currently compiling names of amnesty students for expulsion. We ( PAP students) will sincerely use this medium to let the school management know that first, the protest that occurred was not masterminded by amnesty students only. Secondly, the protest was carried out and supported by over 90%’s of students present in the university. Thirdly, we will not accept the alleged conspiracy by some staffs of the school managements to expel our students for a protest that was carried out by the entire students.
The school authorities should know that for we (amnesty students),an injury to one is an injury to all. We will stand to protect ourselves on just issues, and cannot be intimidated or used as a scapegoat. If the school authorities truly want to expel students on a just ground, they should expel all students seen matching together on blacks and singing solidarity songs together in unity.
We call on the school managements to look into these issues properly in order to avoid misunderstanding withing us.
As much as we sincerely condemn the actions of the entire novena students, we also appeal and advice the school management to call for the leadership of the PAP,and stakeholders of the student representatives before taking actions that may work out negatively on us all.
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Comrade Igbiriki Julius Timi
The President,
Presidential Amnesty Students.
Novena university Ogume.
Delta State.

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