Ministry of Water Resources in Delta State; A Conduit of Waste and Fraud –Delta Apc


By Barr. Ogheneluemu Sylvester Imonina

Water is an important part of human presence. Hence, it is stated that any place there is water, there is life.

In Delta State, due to the fact that of a federal government that is less worried about the water requirements of her residents, portable drinking water resembles gold to lots of families, both in the rural and city locations. The health ramification of the lack of this standard requirement cannot be over stressed.

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The All Progressives Congress (APC), Delta State states with all sense of obligation that the Ministry of Water Resources, Delta State is basically a damaged limb of a currently inefficient body of federal government. Presently, the Ministry is not including any recognized worth to the life of Deltans. Its presence is not understood to bulk of the population.

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In the 70s throughout to the 80s, the Ministry through the State Water Board was the pride of Bendelites, as we then were. The State Water Board was succeeding with supply of portable water to houses and company properties. From city locations to the semi unrban locations, there was sufficient water system for all. Monuments of these accomplishments are still apparent in locations like Otor-Owhe and Ozoro. Since 1999 that the PDP ended up being the federal government in Delta, what the State had actually have actually been permitted to go unserviced and delegated rot. Every allocated funds tailored towards arrangement of water have either discovered one method to pockets of PDP cronies or the jobs inadequately performed, and not practical. Delta State federal government cannot boast of supplying portable water for approximately 20% of the state population. What a pity!

We state unquestionably that where Water Board workplaces exist, the devices therein resemble antiquities. Workers working there not do anything due to the fact that they are in a state of vulnerability, passed off on them by the federal government of Delta State. A see to the properties of Delta State Water Board in Ozoro, Otor-Owhe, Ughelli, Effurun and other locations leads credence to the reality that the Ministry of Water Resources is absolutely nothing however a sham.

Where are the cashes (billions of Naira) budgeted/provided for that Ministry every financial year, enter into? Private pockets probably. The saddest part of the circumstance is that the overloaded Deltans who handle to build water boreholes in their properties are made to and/ or required by federal government instruments of injustice to pay taxes/levies to some unethical people. These cash gathered are unaccounted for, and the federal government is not troubled.

APC, Delta State challenges the State federal government to release her accomplishment in the Ministry of Water Resources considering that 1999. Deltans need responsibility from the federal government of the day, not political jingoism or preaching.

We desire Deltans to take their fates in their hands, and within the precinct of the law assert their rights. Nothing great comes easy; as that is the only method Delta can be terrific once again.

Barr. Ogheneluemu Sylvester Imonina,
Publicity Secretary, APC, Delta State.


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