Mercy Aigbe

actress, Mercy Aigbe has debunked damaging rumors of moving out of her new home ahead of the arrival of her husband’s Adekaz’s first wife, Funsho Adeoti.

This comes just hours after reports claimed that the actress and mother of two had moved out of her new home because her husband, Kazeem Adeoti, had planned to remarry his first wife, Funsho.

According to the source, the Range Rover given to the Nollywood actress by her husband in 2021 during his grand proposal to her was retrieved during the misunderstanding.

In response to the reports, Mercy Aigbe, an actress and mother of two, spoke with media personality Tosin Silver dam to debunk them.

She stated that she is still very much at her husband’s house and will not be leaving.

The actress went on to say that she would not address the issue publicly because she is too busy chasing money.

Mercy Aigbe  said, It’s a BIG lie jare, It’s not only pack out is pack in, wo Tosin, everyone can believe whatever they want to believe, I am busy chasing money. I tanda gidigba for my bubby’s house”

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