Meet The Enugu Herbalist Who Claims He Can Cure Coronavirus (Photo)


Chief Chukwunonso Odo

Chief Chukwunonso Odo 

As the unique coronavirus pandemic continues to take a ravaging toll around the world, an Enugu herbalist has actually stated that it will be a burden for Nigeria to “wipe out” the illness, Sun News reports.

Chief Chukwunonso Odo, an Nsukka-based organic medication specialist, made this understood throughout the weekend in Nsukka in a chat with Sunday Sun.

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According to Odo, “Coronavirus illness widely referred to as COVID-19 will be hard to be erase in Nigeria. This is merely due to the fact that we have actually overlooked the usage of organic medication in our nation in pursuit of orthodox medication that has actually led us to no where.

“Our predecessors had the ability to live more than one a century without orthodox medication, yet they were healthy and strong,” the traditionalist medication male stated.

“There are ailments which cannot be diagnosed through orthodox laboratory test, yet they are being cured with herbal medicines. If we can cure hepatitis A, B and C which are viral disease with herbal medicine, what is coronavirus? If we have used our medicine to cure other stronger and more deadly viral diseases, what is coronavirus? I know many people may not believe me but I have to tell you that we can cure COVID-19 with herbal medicine.”

Dr. Odo, who is the Managing/Chief Executive Officer of Obataobie Herbal Medicine Nig Ltd, told our press reporter that to show the effectiveness of his organic solutions, federal government should bring some COVID-19 clients to him so that he can cure them with his organic medication under one week.

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“Government should give me at least five coronavirus disease patients to cure with my herbal medicine for a trial. I believe that will give them conviction that I can cure the disease.”


Asked just how much it will require to deal with a client, Dr Odo stated “I understand it will cost a great deal of cash however I am refraining from doing it for any political, social or monetary factors. I am a catechist in the Catholic Church and I am material with what God has actually offered me.

“What I am doing is something that can conserve lives and assist mankind. By the method, just how much cash can you utilize to measure the variety of lives being lost by coronavirus illness in Italy, Spain, U.S.A., Iran, China and other nations? Forget about the financial participation due to the fact that I am not going to gather any penny from anyone if I am offered the opportunity to deal with the circumstance.


“All I wish to show is the effectiveness of my organic medication and I can ensure you I have service to the COVID-19 if I am offered the opportunity to show it. I am a graduate of Botany from UNN and I understand what I am discussing.”

The herbalist prompted people not to stress over the infection however to follow the required health standards to avoid its additional spread.


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