NIGERIA OF TODAY: Regress or Progress



Like a knight clothed in shining armour, they rode into town, with their arrival heralded by the vociferous howling of their horses, carrying hopes, joys, pains, fears, anxieties of a people whose broken dreams have littered and converted the landscape into an unbearable society of great despair and abject desolation.

The emblem of belief and creed that synchronises with the peoples’ oneness and unison, amidst their adulation in collective accord, signals their promised to restore a sense of national pride integrated in us by slaying the dragon of corruption, curbing the preponderance of ethno-religious manipulations, banishing the retrogressive scourge of the deadly Boko Haram, burying the weight of tribal sentiments via punitive measures, bringing back our sisters and daughters of Chibok, fencing the porousity of our borders, and making societies and citizens truly safe and secure.

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The noisy chants of “he don come! he don come!! he don come!!!” continues to oozed out of the mouths of the onlookers. Since their heart can’t be convicted nor their head manipulated, as their tenets are being indoctrinated to fit in their electoral franchise, by voting for their human-like messiah. Their doctrine is parallel in accordance to their civic responsibilities, be it in all facets of human endeavor. They waited patiently in hope right to the tail-end of the initial journey, but somehow, amidst some hazy cloud and unfavourable weather condition – what struck our proximate region was the fiery sound of some screeching tyres, with the chopper carrying our national hopes was unable to take off.

The atmosphere isn’t tense. Why? Because an election has come and go, which led to the declaration of political squabble, the disturbance of national peace, the continuous shaking of administrative desks, the undermining in democratic dispensations, the breaching of democratic principles, and finally – the cunning interest of the foxes in prolonging the lives of the poultry.

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In a topsy-turvy manner, the once staggered but not stable chair, had succeeded in reeling out the not-generally-accepted figures to the audience of the concerned electorates, without drawing recourse on his sterned face, even in the face of daunting challenges. The regular date-shift of elections in Nigeria, is now regarded as normalcy in the memoirs of the nation’s electoral meltdowns. We can as well conclude that – elections and postponement in Nigeria are in parallel to itself, with logistic reasons been the most recent excuse. Often times, one of the factors that halt and subdue a nation development are flimsy excuses and cheap lies in procrastination. The inability of not aligning the electoral procurements and its processes, is a cemented failure on its own.

Fellow Nigerians – the pillars of our guiding principles are no longer standing on the foundation of value, as being pronounced at the polls. The trampling on our struggling democracy, the thumping down of their noses, the militarization of the electoral process, the demonstration of political thuggery, the inducement of chaos, the sporadic sounds of gunshots, the scuttling and snatching of ballot boxes, the invasion of street urchins and warlords, the unequal match of accredited and registered voters’, the gory pierced of sharp metal blades – all characterised our electoral demonstration without minding whose ox is gored.

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No truer words, as the no nonsense “Protector of the Realm” who doubles as the “Famous Holder of the Rock” had succeeded in wriggling his way into the upper room while the tagged “Heir to the throne” was solidly stormed by brick walls. Instead of tranquility and morality to be our watchword, we rather choose to pitched our tent under the aegis of oppression and mediocrity. The Empire is now forcefully guided by their janjaweed while the faceless cabals continues to chants in adulation to the hazy cloud hovering above saying – “four plus four is ruthlessly here”. This time, the Emperor seize not to stare without blinks, as he read-out his re-election speech amidst a jamboree celebration.

Yes!!! Ours is not an advance democracy but we can learn from the values and norms of our past democratic proceedings, therein imbibing and actualizing it in the now, for a better tomorrow. We have seen the cap of a governor in Ogun State, like that of Pyramid of Egypt, cap sided to a narrow dark corner when his self acclaimed anointed stooge got faded as he fails to acquire the unbridled acceptance and unflinching support of the Ogun dwellers. It is a mere progress in the politics of Ogun, as the people voted according to their conscience, thus ignoring and burying the unwarranted superimposition of person on them. The ibiCAP whittled down like the shoulder of a drowning corpse, as his wailings echoes to the hearings of his accomplices.

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If there are no interjections or political manipulations, the people are the most important and central elements in accordance to the electoral act, to exercise their franchise, as being boldly annunciated in that product of political arrangements called the constitution. The Oyo people deserves a salute for their electoral boldness exhibited at the polls, and for the electoral shame they sold to the incumbent governor, Ajimobi. They gifted him a public chase at the polls, which in turn brought in Makinde, the governor elect. The people of Oyo makes Ajimobi understood that one don’t talk trash and utter gibberish in public space, without considering the electoral punch of the electorates. That is a progressive headline indeed.

It all went wrong, it wasn’t ideal, the polls were barricaded by street urchins – the electoral process of Lagos must be look into. The bane of threats outlined through thuggery characterisation was alarming. The tale of Okoro trying to exercise his civic responsibility via voting, was stopped by the one-man-battalion boys. The gory experience of sharp metal blades and grouses deposited on the body of Uche because he tried voting according to his conscience can’t be overlook without scrutinising. The low turn-out of electorates in the gubernatorial election compare to the presidential poll held in both its island and mainland calls for scrutiny. With a registered voters of almost six million – less than a million sprung out for the governorship poll. Something went wrong, and this denote regress on our democratic ranks.

The siege mentality of the electoral movie titled “Inconclusive” which was shoot in Kano, as being produced by the electoral commission and directed by the faceless cabals, was quite interesting to see, not especially when it feature the man whose penchant for accommodating wads of dollars underneath his agbada as the main actor. Many waited patiently for the said movie to hit the cinema, after 43 scenes counted with one remaining. To no avail, the hopes of the sophisticated electorates of the State with the most LGAs, were dashed against the brick wall, after the act was changed to “Rerun” by the producer backed by the faceless directors. The sudden change induces chaos, but it was swiftly militarised by the power emanating from the upper room.

We ought to understand the rationale behind that. Our leaders are shitting on us. Which way Nigerians?. The idea of halting the collation of results in River State is reprehensible and an epitome of regression in muddy state. The realness of democracy have been placed behind bars by our political leaders, while it shadow continues to roam our societies nakedly.

Our renascent democracy is drowning in a twinkle, struggling to be rejuvenated to its full energies, as their strife of interests continues to masquerade as a context of principles. The recent conduct of the electoral examinations are being beclouded in personal aggrandizement for their private advantage. It is obvious to ordinary Nigerians, that the porousity of the electoral process championed in the vault of the situation room, tells that there are many men of inadequacies and soul-killing, occupying the league of the nation leadership, and also no political party of principles. They are short of ideological premises in promoting democratic ethos “here and there” in the just concluded broad daylight sham.

It is against the wishful thinking of the populace – that when a government is committed in the silencing of the opposition voice, it has only one way to go – and that is down the path of increasingly repressive and punitive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and create a country where everyone lives in fear. This is undemocratic and against constitutional proceedings.

It is pertinent to accede that when a supposed electorate finds himself being backlashed, attacked and disturbed from exercising his franchise – then there is a need for such person to feel dismayed by misfortune. This will surely go down the annals of the democratic history of the nation electoral process.

Huhh, it is supposed to be the back-end server of the electoral commission but it was made porous and infiltrable, considering the weight of deductions extracted from it. It wasn’t data cracking – because if it were, it would have been question by the electoral head. So it is data leaking. The tagged “Heir to the throne” had made a bold proclamation backed by numerical data and evidences, in which he claimed that he had won the 2019 presidential election by a margin of 1.6 million votes, as against the “Protector of the Realm”.

Will the Election Petition Tribunals hit ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ as we have seen in the judicial rulings in both Osun and Ekiti States respectively? Will the rascality of the legality of the gavel nullify the dealings of the 2019 electoral movie? Will the slogan of Next Level stay? Or will it be upturn? Will the idea of LetGetNigeriaWorkingAgain be pronounced? Time will tell. So grab a bowl of popcorns with a bottle of chilled coca-cola.


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