”Me and my ex are doing fine and building our homes again”- Adeniyi Johnson tells trolls mocking his failed marriage to Toyin Abraham


Adeniyi Johnson, the ex-husband of actress Toyin Abraham, has warned trolls on social media to stop using their failed marriage to mock him as both of them have moved on  and building different homes now. Adeniyi stated this in a post he shared on his Instagram page this afternoon.

His post reads

; Quite a number of people knows how celebrities should live their lives, what to wear, where to go, what to eat, cars to drive, areas they should stay and even how to sleep.. but their lives are in total disarray… often times you read comments like

“must you reply” My dear I must… CELEBRITIES ARE HUMAN TOO…lots of stupid comments has sent many celeb into depression, it has caused alot of damages most fights escalates because of your comment and homes broken due to hate speech from you and many ran into debt…

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we go through alot to put smiles on faces and home but what we get back from some people are hatred and abuses for no reason.. I’ve been abused privately and publicly for not doing GIVEAWAY..my dear I GIVE TO PEOPLE ANYWAY AND NOT AGAINST ANYONE WHO DOES .. some say I don’t wear designer my dear wetin I dey wear na rag? Anyway that is changing.

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if my post doesn’t interest why not scroll to the next post. The only abuse wey una fit abuse me na my last marriage .. and guess what both are parties are doing great moreso building our homes again… but you are there licking our wounds and living in our past..

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crying while we laugh hating when we are loving.. my dear we moved on already biko move…Tell me has your entire journey in life been smooth or as planned? come to think of it when u pick your phone to type hate speech how do you feel? Mark my words for everyone who takes pleasure in abusing and sending negative comments your generation even generation unborn will never know peace or do good in life ….. IF YOU LOVE ME I LOVE YOU TOO… #ispeakforme ..PEACE

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