A pastor was caught on camera cursing members who did not contribute to her birthday party, and some members cheered her on.

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In a video posted online, the pastor can be seen standing on the pulpit, addressing the congregation. She brought up the fact that certain participants declined to contribute to her birthday celebrations, and she called them out on it.


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She found out that she helps representatives with their needs, but they don’t do the same for her.


She said, ” “Some of you declined to participate even on my birthday. May God have mercy on you. And you’re a tyrant. Unless you haven’t.


“But I stand here and preach, and some of you come to my office and annoy me with prayers and other such stuff.

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“Donate money to help us honour pastor Cecilia. It’s not like I’m coming to eat the money; you’re coming to eat the food yourself.


“Some of you didn’t contribute anything, even though you ate like a pig and brought takeout.

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“I’m going to say it. Change if you’re angry. And if it were you, and they came to me, I’d freely offer because you’re a member, and I’d take care after you.


“You don’t want to hear about your pastors, though, because you are greedy.


“Why are you here if you can’t contribute to your pastor’s celebration or whatever it is that your pastor is celebrating? You’re a devil, aren’t you?”


“And this is why pastors are angry,” she said.

Watch the video below.


Video Credit :  Linda Ikeji 


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