Mauritanian reacts to Kunle Adeyanju’s Tweet describing Mauritania as the worst country


Saleck Zeid has reacted to Kunle Adeyanju‘s statement describing Mauritania as the worst country to visit.

Saleck Zeid described Adeyanju’s narrative as false and misleading, adding that the behaviour of one individual cannot be used to describe the entire country.

According to his article sent to Ejes Gist Newspaper, titled “Is it fair to attack countries because of individual behaviour?”, he urged Adeyanju to visit Mauritania again.

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His article reads as follows:

As a Mauritanian, I have read what the Nigerian entrepreneur, Kunle Adeyanju, tweeted about Mauritania and was published by some African websites yesterday. He wrote that Mauritania is the worst country that he ever visited, and with respect to his opinion, let’s see if he is right to say that.

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According to his tweets, he unfortunately faced some problems with immigration police and sellers, in addition to some obstacles with understanding the new money and how to use it. While I was reading the tweets, I felt that Kunle was talking about all countries in Africa and around the world, because these things happen to anyone travelling to a new country.

Personally, I have experienced some of these problems in African and some Arabic countries, and for me that is normal, because people immediately try to cheat you when they realise that you are a foreigner and use all the techniques in order to take your money. Foreigners that don’t have good knowledge of the currency and prices will definitely be the victims.

During trips to Tunisia, Jordan, Mali, Togo, Burkina Faso, and other countries, I have found myself many times in a bad situation. For example, in one of these countries, I was at a hotel and the room was terrible; I couldn’t close the door, and the light was very bad; additionally, the air conditioner didn’t work. In another country, an employee at the airport tried to blackmail me by saying that my COVID-19 test was positive and she asked for money and said she would give you a negative one, but I already knew my result and didn’t give her anything. After a while, she printed my correct result.

I consider these actions as individual behaviours and they don’t represent the country or the population. That is why I was shocked by the tweets of Kunle Adeyanju, who attacked Mauritania and its population because of the problems that he encountered. I asked myself, “Is it fair to attack a country simply because I had a bad experience with some people there or because I found myself in bad circumstances during my travels?”I believe that there are some reasons behind Adeyanju’s tweets about Mauritania, and I’m sure that he has seen the worst in other places during his long journey.

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In conclusion, I think that we should not form bad impressions about people or countries based on a few situations and a short visit. There is always a good side and a bad side. You have to look at the two sides if you want to give the right image. I ask Adeyanju to visit Mauritania again, and he will see the good face of the country that was found by a lot of people from different continents. Some of them are living right now here, and have decided to not go to other places.


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