officials suffered another embarrassing moment on Wednesday as the wrong anthem was played three times for ahead of their opening game against Gambia in Limbe.

The incident occurred two hours after Mali and Tunisia’s first Group F match was called off before the clock reached 90 minutes.

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Two unsuccessful attempts to play the country’s national anthem before kick-off had Mauritania players looking on in bemusement, some shaking their heads.

Mauritania would then sing it themselves, according to the stadium announcer. Instead, after the country’s old anthem was played once more, a third try was quickly cut short.

The players eventually rose to their feet and applauded before the Gambian national anthem began to play.

After an official indicated that the game would restart and that three minutes remained, Mali won the earlier game 1-0. Tunisia did not re-emerge after an official indicated that the game would restart and that three minutes remained.

When Zambian official Janny Sikazwe signaled the end of the match in the 90th minute, the Tunisians furiously protested that there was still several minutes of stoppage time to play.

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