Many Confirmed dead as boat carrying school children capsizes


Many people have been confirmed as a boat carrying school children capsized.


The majority of the about 50 passengers on board a boat are believed to be when the boat capsized on Tuesday evening on the Bagwai river in Kano State’s Bagwai Local Government Area.

Islamic school children were among the passengers, according to a local resident, who were on their way to an Islamic event at the local government’s offices.

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According to Abdullahi Kiyawa, a police spokeswoman in Kano, seven of the passengers aboard the boat were rescued following the accident, while the remaining passengers are still missing. Mr Kiyawa did not say how many people were on board the boat.

According to Abubakar Ado, a local resident, the boat was transporting Islamiyah school children and other passengers from Badau village to Bagwai town, the council headquarters.

According to Mr Ado, the victims were reportedly on their way to Tofa local government area for the Maulud festival.

Many Confirmed dead as boat carrying school children capsizesThe scene of the Boat Mishap

According to the resident, a rescue mission involving local fisherman, firefighters, and police is currently underway.

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The boat, according to Mr Ado, was believed to be overloaded with more than 50 persons. The majority of the passengers, he added, were still missing.


At least 26 people drowned in the same river in Badau village in 2008 while taking a bride to her husband’s residence.

The boat was carrying 42 passengers, including children, at the time of the previous incident. Only four of them made it out alive.



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