Majority of our youths are too lazy to be independent —Amb. Young Piero


Until we start thinking for ourselves as young Nigerians our generation will never come out of slavery.

Majority of our youths are too lazy to be independent so they prefer to be dependent, for this reason they endure what ever they see.

Well. The people you depend on today didn’t get to where they are by mistake, we can never succeed as young Nigerians if we are not masters of our own opinions and taking responsibilities for present and future generation.

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You are always seen on social media accusing others, in my little research I came to the conclusion that only failures look for others to blame.

Amb. Young Piero Deserves Your support

I pay for every Nigerian to wake up now that we still can, because very soon our children will ask us some questions that we can not answer.

God bless Nigeria

Amb. Young Piero



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