When You Die, You’ll Face 2 Judges” – Mad Man Makes Shocking Revelation While Preaching the Gospel  

A popular mad man has become the topic of discussion on the streets of social media after he shocked many passerby with his unprecedented revelation about end time that many had neglected or are unaware about.

The vibrant and energetic mad man was seen along the road with some passerby who paid attention to listen to the undiluted revelations.

According to the mad man who revealed that there is going to be an end time and that the devil is using agents to divert many from the truth.

He warned people to resist and beware of many who would come in the name of performing miracles and thereby misleading away from the true word of Christ.

According to the mad man, he said when a person dies, he has two judges one for Christ the other for the devil and also that there are two ways, one leading to life and the other to death.


Nigerian film actor, dramatist, producer and director and Drama Evangelist, Mike Bimiloye while sharing the video said pastors and ministers have preached same message but people didn’t believe their words, he hope they will after hearing what the man said.

He shared the video through his Instagram handle tagging it “A Mad Man Preacher”.

Watch Video Below:


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