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Pictures of (Photos of Lincoln Edochie)

Image of and his wife, Amaka Paula Lincoln Edochie

History Of Lincoln Edochie: Everything To Know About Linc Edochie, Wife Amaka Paula, Father, Wiki, Biography, Movies, Daughter, Children, Height, Parents, Siblings, School, Yul Edochie Brother

Wikipedia Profile History Biography: Who is Linc Edochie?

He is the son of Pete Edochie and the brother of Yul Edochie. Linc Edochie (born 10 May), whose full name is Lincoln Edochie, is a Nigerian-born Nollywood actor, filmmaker, MC, motivational speaker, fitness consultant, entrepreneur, and school owner who is the son of Pete Edochie and the brother of Yul Edochie.

Lincoln Edochie Career, Occupation, Life History & Story (Biography Of Lincoln Edochie: Who is Lincoln Edochie?)

Linc Edochie is the third (3rd) son of veteran actor Pete Edochie, who is also an actor, as is his father and his younger brother, Yul Edochie. Linc Edochie is the son of veteran actor Pete Edochie, who is also an actor, as is his father and younger brother, Yul Edochie.

Photos of Linc Edochie

For a long time, Lincoln Edochie, a Nollywood actor who is also a movie producer, director, and scriptwriter, appeared in Nollywood films. He then took a long break from acting to devote his time and energy to other endeavours.

Linc Edochie began his career in Nollywood in 1995.

Linc Edochie has returned to the movie industry and has begun acting in new projects.

In the year 2020, Lincoln Edochie will return to Nollywood. Yul Edochie posted a message on his Instagram page in August 2020, announcing the return of his elder brother. He wrote:

“And Linc Edochie @lincedochie returns to the screen.

Welcome back bro.

I’m sure your fans can’t wait to see you again.


Movies: include, The Principalities, Victim, Family Regardless, Ghost Lovers, The Manipulator, Royal Revenge, The Graduates, Royal Love, The Millions Men, Scratched, among others.

Pic of Linc Edochie and Rachael Okonkwo

School – ABH Academy: Linc Edochie owns and operates an educational institution in Abuja called ABH Academy, which he runs with his wife, Amaka Paula Lincoln Edochie. There is a creche, play group, pre-nursery, nursery, and primary school in Abuja for the school.

 Full, Real Name: Lincoln Edochie

Linc Edochie State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe, Village:

Where is Linc Edochie from? Lincoln Edochie is from the Nigerian town of Nteje, which is part of the Oyi Local .

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Linc Edochie was born on 10 May 1977.

Real Age: How old is Linc Edochie? Linc Edochie is currently 43 years old. Linc Edochie will celebrate his 44th birthday in May 2021.

Height: How tall is Linc Edochie? Linc Edochie is 6″2 feet tall.

Photos of Linc Edochie standing tall with Thin Tall Tony of BBNaija and Kings Paul, Nollywood actor

Linc Edochie and Phyno (lookalike)

Tattoo: Linc Edochie likes tattoos and has his arm tattooed.


Gym, Fitness Workout: Linc Edochie is a gym fitness enthusiast and consultant.

Gym Body Workout Fitness photo of Linc Edochie. 

Linc Edochie Educational Background, Schools Attended:

He attended FGC Wukari (1990 – 1994), University (1994 – 1999), and other institutions.

Linc Edochie Family, Siblings, Parents, Father, Mother:

He was born into the family of Pete Edochie and Josephine Edochie, and he is the third son of Pete Edochie, who has five sons and six children in total.

Linc Edochie family photo

Picture of Linc Edochie parents and his niece, Dani Yul Edochie

Father: Who is Linc Edochie father? Linc Edochie’s father is Pete Edochie, a veteran Nollywood actor who is a super star in his own right.

Photo of Linc Edochie father, Pete Edochie

Mother: Who is Linc Edochie mother? Linc Edochie’s mother’s name is Josephine Edochie, and she is the wife of Pete Edochie.


Pictures of Josephine Edochie, Linc Edochie mother and Pete Edochie’s wife

Siblings, Sister, Brothers: Linc Edochie is the youngest of five siblings, who include a sister and four brothers. The following are the names of Linc Edochie’s four brothers, listed in order of seniority and age: Leo Edochie, Uche Edochie, Gene Edochie, and Yul Edochie

Family Pictures of Linc Edochie with his parents and siblings – brothers and sister

Photos of Linc Edochie and all his brothers

Yul Edochie And Linc Edochie Brothers: are brothers who live in the same house. Yul Edochie is Linc Edochie’s younger brother, and the two are very close. Linc Edochie precedes Gene Edochie in the Edochie family tree, and Yul Edochie is the last of the Edochie sons and children to be born.

Photo of Linc Edochie brother, Yul Edochie And  their Mother, Josephine Edochie

Marriage, Married, Wife: Is Linc Edochie married? Who is ? Linc Edochie is married, and his wife’s name is Amaka Paula Lincoln Edochie aka APLE, and they have a daughter together.

Pictures of Linc Edochie and his wife

Photo of , Amaka Paula Lincoln Edochie

 Amaka Paula Lincoln Edochie: What To Know About Linc Edochie’s Wife:

Paula Lincoln Edochie wrote about herself on her Instagram page;

Pictures of Amaka Paula Lincoln Edochie

Photos of , Amaka Paula Lincoln Edochie in lowcut hairstyle

“My name is APLE.

I am the APLE of God’s Eye, a Passionate Carer and Lover, A Professional Teacher/Caregiver, an Experienced Sex Therapist, a Love Addict and a called Anti Depression Talk Therapist.




When I was 5 years old I had a deep urge on my inside to want to be a teacher and own a school for so many reasons including changing the narrative in the Education Industry. I didn’t like that the most formative sector of a child is the most dreaded by that child.I also didn’t like that teachers who are a medium via which these kids are formed are almost the most wretched professionals. I also wanted to have a school where the haves and the flip side would be in the same learning environment,I also wanted a school that will have a home setting.

In school then when we are asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?”,I will always say “I want to be a teacher and I want to own a school”

This Vision never left me.

Fast forward to 2012 Feb 14, Aglow Baby Haven (A.K.A ABH ACADEMY) celebrated her 1st St. Valentine’s day.💃🏻

If you are reading this and you have a dream or a vision and have been so terrified of taking off, I will leave 2 words with you today.


2. At a graduation ceremony @wenainitiative A Resource Personnel (Alh Kabiru Bawa) told us that THE MOST IMPORTANT REQUIREMENT FOR STARTING A BUSINESS IS PASSION AND NOT MONEY.

It’s St. Valentine’s day, show your self some love and start that business against all odds. You deserve to be fulfilled and happy.

With so much love and gratitude within me today, I return to say thank you God for all the things You do behind the scenes for me. Thank you for Keeping this vision alive and thank you for keeping @abhacademy thus far.


My name is Amaka Paula Lincoln Edochie, but you can call me APLE”

Wedding Anniversary: Linc Edochie and his wife, Amaka Paula Edochie celebrated their wedding anniversary on December 4.

Family photo of Linc Edochie with his wife and children

Children, Daughters, Son: Linc Edochie and his wife are blessed with 2 daughters named – Janinah and Giovanni.

Pictures of Linc Edochie two daughters – Janinah and Giovanni Lincoln Edochie

Linc Edochie, His and daughters in family picture

Linc Edochie First Daughter Janinah: Janinah Linc Edochie who is the 1st daughter of Linc Edochie was born on August 15, 2011. She will be 10 years old this year 2021.

Celebrating his first daughter/child on her 8th birthday in 2019, Linc Edochie wrote:

Been a busy day but I won’t let it finish without thanking GOD for my first child’s birthday. 8 years ago today (Now 10 in 2021),  the doctors had given up but GOD had better plans. This girl fought to stay alive and look at her today. I pray she becomes all she was destined to be in JESUS matchless n invincible name. Happy birthday my angelic Janinah…”

Second Daughter, Giovanni Linc Edochie: Linc Edochie’s 2nd daughter, Giovanni was born on November 12, 2014.

Salary, Net Worth: is about $400,000 US Dollars.

House, Cars: Linc Edochie lives in Abuja and drives nice cars.

Phone Number: Linc Edochie can be contacted via his Instagram page below

Instagram: Name and Handle lincedochie 

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