Like IPOB proscribe Miyetti Allah, Soyinka tells FG

Wole Soyinka and President Muhammadu Buhari

Professor Wole Soyinka, a Nobel laureate, has requested that the Federal Government ban Fulani pastoralists, also known as the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN).

Soyinka criticized the way the Federal Government handled the farmers-herders crisis in the nation during an interview with Newsmen.

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He argued that Miyetti Allah should be outlawed by the federal government in the same way that the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) were for their efforts to secede the South-East from Nigeria.

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Nigeria, according to Soyinka, must always put its history into context in order to comprehend its current security challenges.

“My disposition doesn’t accept that anyone should drive me off of my God-given earth,” he declared. Therefore, it is also a temperamental thing.

“The notion that you can inflict terror on me because you desire my small patch of land or my soul indicates that you wish to subjugate me and reduce me to a state of servitude. Well, I’d resolve that first.

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“I’ll decide then whether I want to leave or not. Unfortunately, each outrage has the opposite impact. No matter if the crime is being committed in Owo, Kaduna, or Benue.

We have also been subjected to this madness, of the subjugation mentality that some minority people hold, whether it is occurring right here on the (Ogun state) border.

And it is very difficult for me to accept that I am being driven from my rightful place in the world.

“Many people simply lack historical knowledge or historical purpose, or both. Another group, he added, is very selective when it comes to the past and adept at twisting or misusing it.

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The Nobel laureate continued, “For example, consider the beginning of the Fulani herdsmen invasion and the Miyetti Allah.

I believe it was in Borno, their spokesman claimed. This was once our domain, and we are always welcome to reclaim it. That comment is something I recall and will never forget. Someone enters gloating and then cites only a portion of history as these people are still reeling from their trauma.

“I said that the person who claims to want to repeat his history of conquest should be detained and imprisoned because he is admitting to either prior or subsequent knowledge or support in any case. Is there no such thing as hate speech today? Why are you banning IPOB but not Miyetti Allah? “, he continued.

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