Life-changing: Nigerian man receives €30,000 after being called “Chimpanzee” by his coworker


A Nigerian man has been awarded €30,000 by Co-Worker in Ireland after being dubbed “.”

CPL Solutions Ltd, an Irish company, has been ordered to pay Kings Oluebube, a Nigerian employee, €30,000 in retaliation for racist comments “ ” made by his team leader.

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Oluebube, a warehouse operative, told The Irish Times that his team leader called him a chimp and made monkey noises while performing monkey dances in front of a group of coworkers in late February 2019.


He did not, however, report the assault at the time. On May 21, 2019, he claimed the team leader repeated the same abuse in front of other teammates.

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The insults were then reported to Oluebube’s warehouse manager, who informed CPL Solutions.

The allegations of harassment were upheld by the company, which does business as Flexsource Recruitment, and the team leader received a final written warning.


Oluebube requested a written summary of the investigation’s findings.

In response, the CPL employee who conducted the investigation stated that Flexsource did not condone what happened between Oluebube and his coworker.


Flexsource, she said, proceeded with the formal investigation meeting and followed all procedures.

In reaching his decision, the labour court chairman stated that Oluebube’s compensation should be proportionate to the injury he sustained, given the serious nature of the harassment and its consequences.

CPL Solutions, according to Haugh, had taken no steps to undo the effects of Oluebube’s racial harassment.

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He claimed that the CPL Solutions investigator had failed to provide Oluebube with any terms of reference or timeline for her investigation, that she had not shown him any witness statements she had obtained, and that she had not given him the chance to respond to anything said by the alleged harasser.

As a result, he ordered CPL Solutions to pay Oluebube €30,000 for racial discrimination under the Employment Equality Act, roughly 63 weeks of gross salary.

The labour court’s decision overturns an earlier decision by the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) dismissing Oluebube’s racial discrimination claim, which he had appealed.



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