Libya returnee, 2 others arrested after failed robbery

Three  armed robbery suspects, including a returnee from Libya, have been arrested after a reportedly failed noon robbery in Calabar, the Cross River State capital.

The men were apprehended when their getaway vehicle got stuck in traffic along Goldie Street, it was learnt.

Local residents also joined the chase, The Nation learnt.

An eyewitness said the suspects failed in their attempt to rob a businesswoman whom they believed just withdrew money from a bank.

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“It happened around 3.30 pm and they may have been monitoring the woman and her cash movement. They attacked the woman’s car immediately she came out of the bank but they did not get money from her before people raised the alarm ,” the eyewitness said.

“They ran into a waiting Sienna bus and zoomed off but ran out of luck shortly after along Goldie Street by Mary Magdalen Street where a heavy-duty truck caused a traffic jam while trying to reverse.”

“It was at that point that some men who were running after their vehicle got to them, throwing stones on the windscreen of the Sienna before  calling the police.”

The incident took place on Tuesday.

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Police Commissioner Nkereuwem Akpan confirmed their arrest when he paraded the three suspects before newsmen yesterday.

Akpan gave the names of the suspects as Azunna Okechukwu, the Libya returnee, and two others, Peter Nnadozie and Ifeanyi Ebeama, all Nigerians.

The police chief added that the suspects specialise in monitoring and robbing people who withdraw money from banks and ATMs in Calabar.

One of them, Ifeanyi Ebeama, said they patrol the premises of banks in the Calabar metropolis to monitor individuals who come out of banks with huge sums of money in plastic bags, Ghana-Must-Go or big envelopes.

The suspects further explained that they use a special rod in opening car doors and breaking glasses to cart away money.

The robbery suspects have similar body marks, close to their shoulder and behind their backs, giving rise to speculations that they may belong to a cult or voodoo group.

Police Commissioner Akpan said that the suspects will face the wrath of the law, adding that they may have been in the business for about three months.

The suspects begged the police to forgive them, adding that they will turn a new leaf if pardoned.



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