Thank you so much for making this forum Vibrant. The last time I ran for The Senate I was rigged out. This was done by using thugs who were all youths to disrupt the place and voting materials where scattered and some were carted away. The thuggery started about less than thirty minutes just after delegates started voting. I was the only candidate in the hall representing myself. The press were there and some other so called observers were there. In the previous week the primary for the house of representatives had taken place. I watched the exercise and it was open free and fair results were declared on site. I was proud of the exercise and the civility that was displayed, so I had no need to worry that thuggery and mayhem will break out during my own primary. To my surprise the INEC people came late. Instead of coming at 9am they arrived around 2pm. The delegates had been waiting in the sun for about 8 hours. They were thirsty and hungry. Less than 30 minutes into the exercise with less than 50 people casting their ballots all hell broke loose. The police that were there vanished. Every material concerning the election were scattered and some were carted away. The short story is that there was no election. Some of my delegates cried that they were not given opportunity to cast their vote. I made this known to Some of my party leaders then. I noted it. My impression then was a new election was going to be conducted to correct this anomaly. To my surprise a few days later Vanguard published the results of elections that never took place. They did not even have the simple courtesy of spelling my name Right. We were three candidates that contested this primary election for the senate. Emiko , Omatseyi and myself. My thinking at that time was to compel the party to conduct another election but I was in the wrong place and the wrong country. What happened thereafter if not laughable will make you cry. The party declared Omatseyi the winner with about 8 votes, Emiko had 6 votes and I had 1 vote. Looking at this numbers alone you Don’t need a statistician to say conclude that there was no election. Out of about 2000 delegates We were told 15 people decided the result.

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our party leader in conivance with INEC had just told the people that only 15 people voted. Vanguard that printed the results quietly tucked it in some obscure page that looks like obituary. When you think the worst had happened then the bizarre appears. Mr Emiko challenged the result in court said he was the winner and The court declared Emiko the winner. Omatseyi appealed and he Omatseyi was declared the winner. Eventually this duo and their thugs started harassing the leaders. So a situation arose were the winner was always changing almost every week between Emiko and Omatseyi. Due to this absurdity APC could not field a candidate for the Senatorial seat in Delta South Nigeria for the general election of 2015. the present senator coasted to his 4th term being un opposed. Today he is gearing up for his 5th term. During this period people asked me why I didn’t go to court. My answer was clear the election has cost me a bundle and I was running against people who use the national treasury as their wallet. If I had to spend another dime I will use it to go and see if there was another circus in town. I was promised some appointments here and there but I turned those down. I was not looking for a job. I want to serve my people as Senator who will engage the citizens on many national questions we have. As you can see from all I have said you can now see how thick the web and labyrinth of corruption is, in Nigeria. From the courts, the police, the media and thuggish youths there seem to be a nexus of connection when nefarious activities are being carried out. It is way of life and they don’t see it as pathological. So the recent thuggery in the senate and the convenient disappearance of security personnel is the MO of these people who ascended to office by rigging elections. When Bola IGE was murdered the Police in charge of security at his house were conveniently at lunch. I can remember that in 2015 It felt I was the only one campaigning. With hind sight I now understand why some people were laughing at me. In Nigeria it is selection not election. This is why these crop of Senators have no sense of shame decency and respect for the rule of law. They have their thugs. When I ran four years ago I made it clear that Nigeria’s problems at that time have 3 root causes
1.Executive arrogance
2.Legislative incompetence and
3.Citizen apathy.Today Iam going to add a 4th one LEGAL ILLEGALITY.
We have a group of people who were never elected and have no sense of mission or service running the affairs of 180M Nigerians. Jesus Wept.
Austin Orette MD
The next senator for Delta South

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